Imagine being 14 years old and having the determination and creativity to transform an old 1974 Wilderness camper into something extraordinary. That’s exactly what Ellie, a resident of Williamstown, West Virginia, did during her summer break. She turned this old camper into a glamorous haven for camping enthusiasts.

From Camper to Glamper

Ellie coined the term “glamper” by combining the words “camping” and “glamorous.” She wanted to make camping more enjoyable and less cumbersome, and her renovated Wilderness glamper achieved just that. Her ambition and hard work are truly remarkable.


Ellie managed to save up around $500 through various means, such as doing housework, birthday money, and other activities. With these funds, she purchased the camper and used the remaining money to buy paint, flooring, textiles, and other accessories for her glamper.

The camper was in a sorry state when Ellie first saw it for sale on a community bulletin board. The previous owners had used it for both camping and hunting, leaving it in bad shape. But Ellie saw potential in this weathered old camper and was determined to bring it back to life.

A Family Affair

Ellie’s older brother, Isaiah, inspired her to create a small camper. He had built a cabin for himself and his friends to hang out in, and Ellie wanted something similar for herself. However, she wanted her glamper to be even cuter and closer to the house so she could have access to electricity and Wi-Fi.


Ellie enlisted the help of her grandfather, Lawrence, who taught her fundamental carpentry skills, such as bracing and patching holes. Together, they stripped down the camper and thoroughly cleaned it before starting the renovation process.

In the picture above, Ellie can be seen using Valspar’s “Mystic Sea” hue to paint the camper. The transformation was already underway, and Ellie’s creativity was shining through.


Adding the Finishing Touches

With the interior starting to take shape, Ellie focused on adding those finishing touches that would truly make her glamper stand out. She laid new floor tiles while her grandma, Mary, assisted in creating upholstery for the seat cushions and curtains. Family collaboration made the whole process even more special.


Ellie spent her summer gathering various items for her glamper, finding inspiration from Pinterest. She brought in unique decorations, such as a vintage camera, a retro electric fan, and handcrafted napkins made by her grandma. Each item added to the charm and personality of the almost-finished glamper.


Dreams Become Reality

When asked what she plans to do once her glamper is finished, Ellie’s response was heartwarming. She mentioned having sleepovers with her friends or simply enjoying some quiet time to read and play the ukulele. Her transformed glamper became a space where dreams could become a reality.


Ellie’s mother, Lori, shared that she has never told her daughter that she couldn’t do something. With that kind of encouragement, Ellie embraced the challenge and created something truly stunning. Her story reminds us that with determination and effort, anything is possible.


Ellie’s transformation of an old camper into a glamper is truly inspiring. At just 14 years old, she showcased creativity, determination, and hard work. Her story serves as a reminder that no matter your age, pursuing your passions and dreams can lead to amazing results. In Ellie’s case, effort truly paid off, and her glamper stands as a testament to what can be achieved with a little imagination and a lot of willpower.