About Us

WowStory provides a diverse range of content, news, and services. We’ve established specific publishing principles to foster an interactive dialogue with our users.

Our website’s publishing guidelines reflect our core values and standards. These guidelines outline the best practices we expect from all content creators and editors, whether they’re part of our website or independent entities collaborating with us:


Every piece of news and content undergoes thorough research before publication. Authenticity is paramount: we aim for unbiased, realistic content that doesn’t mislead. Accuracy and reliability are our foremost concerns. We strive to reduce errors from oversight or ignorance and correct them swiftly to ensure our users receive accurate information.

We honor the right to correct inaccuracies and address misleading posts.


Our content will never demean individuals based on race, gender, age, health, political views, social standing, opinions, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. We’re especially cautious about content that could harm vulnerable groups like children, individuals with special needs, and marginalized communities.

We prohibit content that could incite religious or moral hatred or compromise national unity and integrity.

We refrain from content that might be considered shocking or offensive in terms of general morality, religious sentiments, and foundational values.

Criticism on our platform will never degrade or defame individuals or entities. We steer clear of content promoting violence, bullying, or anything against human values.

While some events we cover might be negative, we ensure they’re presented objectively. We’re committed to upholding societal and familial values and avoid content that could harm these structures.

No individual is labeled “guilty” on our platform unless legally proven so.


Every aspect of our services upholds human dignity and fundamental rights. We value privacy and only breach it when there’s a compelling public interest. Personal lives are only highlighted when necessary for the public good. We won’t use personal information or images without consent. Our content avoids defamatory statements beyond constructive criticism.


We ensure our content and services reflect multiple perspectives, not just one. We aim for objectivity over personal bias. We welcome user contributions, valuing a diversity of ideas and viewpoints.


WowStory operates independently, free from governmental or partisan influences. Our users should trust that external pressures or personal biases don’t sway our content. We prioritize impartiality, honesty, and accuracy. We protect our news sources’ privacy unless there’s an intent to deceive our audience.

We avoid replicating content from English websites similar to ours and always credit our sources when using external information.