Upon noticing her 3-day-old daughter acting like a 3-month-old, a new mother was taken aback. She and the grandmother were both taken aback by the amazing moment, which was caught on camera and went viral. The cause and manner of this incident were explained by a doctor in a statement.

When newborn Nyilah Daise Tzabari started lifting her head and attempted to crawl just three days after birth, Samantha Mitchell, a first-time mother, was left speechless.

Nyilah was lying on her stomach in the hospital cot when Samantha and her mother were able to photograph this amazing event. The infant can be seen moving around, making cute noises, and even lifting her head to take in her environment.

Samantha shows her shock in a TikTok video by questioning her mother, “Is that normal?” Her mother replies, “No, she’s only three days old.”

She’s crawling, mom! Samantha gasps, “This is unbelievable,” and her shocked mother adds, “She should not be this strong already.”

While this circumstance may seem unusual to us, doctors claim they see it frequently. Dr. Karan Raj said, “Basically, this baby is hungry and looking for a free boob.”

The truth is, especially for first-time parents, newborn babies can be a mystery. People shouldn’t be afraid of certain things because they are normal, such as crying without tears or generating their own milk.