Mother reveals two-year-old's 'beautiful' huge eyes are actually result of rare condition in viral Twitter thread

This adorable two-year-old girl named Mehlani has been receiving daily compliments on her stunning big brown eyes. However, what many people don’t know is that her eyes are actually a result of a rare genetic condition called Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome.

Mehlani’s mother, Karina Martinez, recently shared their story on Twitter, which has since gone viral. In her tweet, Martinez expressed her concerns about how her daughter’s condition might affect her self-esteem and her ability to fit in.

Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome and Glaucoma: A Challenging Diagnosis

Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome is a rare eye condition that affects the development of the cornea and iris. It is often accompanied by glaucoma, a condition that can damage the optic nerves and cause increased eye pressure, leading to blindness.

Mehlani was diagnosed with these conditions when she was only a week old. At just five months old, she had to undergo surgery to stabilize her eyesight.

Struggling with Compliments and Fitting In

Martinez shared in her tweet that every time a stranger compliments Mehlani’s eyes, she has a mental struggle on whether or not to mention her daughter’s condition.

Ultimately, she decides not to and simply responds with a thank you and a smile. However, this leaves Martinez with a strange feeling. She worries about how her daughter will perceive her uniqueness as she grows older, especially when she starts school.

The thought of Mehlani potentially hating her own eyes brings Martinez to tears because her daughter has already been through so much at such a young age.

Daily Check-ups and Eye Protection

To ensure Mehlani’s eye health, regular check-ups are necessary to monitor her eye pressure and prevent further damage to her optic nerves. Martinez also ensures that Mehlani wears sunglasses whenever she is outside because her eyes are sensitive to light.

Overwhelming Support and Comfort

Martinez’s tweet has garnered immense support, with over 175,000 likes and numerous comforting comments. People responded to her concerns by assuring her that Mehlani is perfect just the way she is and that everyone has something unique that sets them apart.

The outpouring of love and kindness prompted Martinez to share a video of Mehlani saying thank you and “I love you” to everyone who left kind words on the tweet.

Looking Towards the Future

Although Mehlani’s condition presents its challenges, her mother remains hopeful that her daughter will always know how beautiful she is.

She wants Mehlani to embrace her uniqueness and not let it define her self-worth. Martinez’s main focus is ensuring that Mehlani feels loved and supported as she grows up.

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Toddler's huge eyes are the result of a rare genetic condition (Karina Martinez)