The passing of Burt Reynolds in 2018 left a void in the hearts of millions around the world. The beloved actor, known for his remarkable talent, succumbed to various health ailments after a prolonged battle. However, the memories he left behind continue to be cherished by his co-stars and friends. One person whose fondness for him was evident is actress Sally Field, who had been in an on-and-off relationship with Reynolds.

Sally Field, now 76 years old, had chosen to remain silent about their time together over the past few decades. However, since Burt’s passing, she has finally chosen to speak out. Reynolds himself stated that while he had been involved in several fleeting relationships, he considered Sally Field to be his one true love. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he candidly revealed that Sally, a Hollywood celebrity, was the woman he would remember for the rest of his days.

Their love story started when Field and Reynolds fell deeply in love. Reynolds even fought for Field to be cast in the film “Smokey and the Bandit,” despite the filmmakers initially doubting her sex appeal. Their chemistry onscreen was undeniable, and the couple continued to co-star in films such as “Hooper and The End” in 1978. Sally described how Reynolds made her feel sexy and desired, wanting to be everything he ever wanted.

Their romance, which seemed like a match made in heaven, unfortunately came to an end in 1980. The public closely followed their every move during their nearly five years together. However, the reality of their relationship was more complicated than what most people believed. In her autobiography, “In Pieces,” Sally Fields revealed how Reynolds, as a charismatic and award-winning actor, used his stardom to exert control over those around him, including her. She described their flaws as a perfect match, feeling as if she had made a soul-binding commitment to him from the moment they met.

For both Field and Reynolds, life went on, and they each found new partners. Yet, Burt never forgot his love for Sally Fields and openly acknowledged his mistakes. He expressed deep regret and admitted that he missed her terribly, acknowledging that he was the one to blame for their relationship’s demise. However, during the final years of his life, Sally chose to cut off all communication with him. She had no interest in rekindling their love and did not speak to him for years.

The reason behind their split remains unconfirmed, but rumors of Reynolds having an affair with Fields circulated, leaving Sally feeling embarrassed and foolish. Despite the pain caused by their past, Sally made the decision to speak up after Burt’s death, choosing to share her genuine affection for him. She revealed that their years together had a lasting impact on her life and would always hold a special place in her heart.

Sally, now 76 years old, recently shared additional details about her relationship with Burt in an interview with NPR. She reflected on their time together with nostalgia, acknowledging the importance he had in shaping her as a person, albeit for a brief period. However, she also expressed relief that Burt passed away before she could publish her memoir. Sally admitted that some of its contents would not have been enjoyable for him, describing their relationship as “confusing, complicated, and hurtful.”

Though their unique relationship had its complexities, we can only hope that wherever Burt Reynolds may be now, he knows that Sally Fields still holds affection for him.