The Oscars wouldn’t be complete without a memorable slip-up or gaffe on stage, right? Well, this year’s blunder didn’t go unnoticed by anyone. Legendary actor Al Pacino made a premature announcement for the Academy Award for Best Picture, resulting in what some are calling the biggest mistake since the infamous La La Land/Moonlight mix-up of 2016.

When Pacino was called upon to present the award for Best Picture, he skipped over the nominees entirely. This may seem like a small error, but Best Picture is considered the most prestigious award of the night. It’s safe to say that everyone watching noticed this mishap.

Now, if you’re familiar with awards season in the film industry, you know how the presenting of awards typically goes. A high-profile presenter takes the stage and first reads out the nominations for the category in question. This serves as a reminder of who is in the running for the award and also gives each nominee their well-deserved recognition.

However, at the 96th Academy Awards, Al Pacino deviated from this standard operating procedure. Instead of reading the nominations, he swiftly opened the envelope and announced Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer as the winner in the Best Picture category.

Oppenheimer had an exceptional night, taking home a total of six awards, including Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actor.

Pacino’s premature announcement was a major topic of conversation, with internet users unable to resist commenting on it. Fortunately, most people saw the mistake from a lighthearted perspective.

“Al Pacino creating a Moonlight/La La Land moment while still reading the right name. A master class,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Whatever just happened with the Best Picture presentation wasn’t a La La Land/Moonlight screw-up, but Pacino blurting out ‘I see Oppenheimer here!’ was definitely not how it was supposed to go.”

And a third person jokingly remarked, “If Al Pacino had said the winner was La La Land, that would have been the best moment of the night.”

The references to La La Land hark back to the unforgettable mistake in 2016 when La La Land was wrongly announced as the winner of Best Picture instead of Moonlight. To make matters worse, people were in the middle of acceptance speeches when the mistake was corrected.

According to reports, the announcer had been given the envelope for Best Actress (won by Emma Stone in La La Land) instead of the one for Best Picture.

Did you watch this year’s Academy Awards? If so, what was your favorite moment?