Al Roker, the beloved weather anchor and television personality, is bubbling with excitement as he gears up for his first Christmas as a doting grandparent. In a recent interview with PEOPLE at a special event in New York City, Al and his wife Deborah Roberts opened up about their plans for the holidays with their adorable 6-month-old granddaughter, Sky Clara Laga, and her parents, Courtney Roker and Wesley Laga.

At 69 years old, Al Roker couldn’t be happier about this new chapter in his life. Becoming a grandparent has brought so much joy and wonder into his world. As he reflects on the upcoming festive season, he envisions a Christmas that is full of love, warmth, and cherished family moments.

Deborah, who is 63, shares this sentiment, emphasizing that, for them, Christmas is truly all about family – especially since their loved ones are spread out far and wide. This year, they are determined to create a close-knit and intimate celebration, cherishing each and every moment together.

Family has always been at the center of Al Roker’s life. He has a daughter named Courtney, who is 36, from his first marriage to Alice Bell.

With Deborah, he has been blessed with a 25-year-old daughter named Leila and a 21-year-old son named Nicholas Albert. This beautiful blend of family members forms the foundation of their festive traditions.

Last month, Al Roker experienced his first Thanksgiving with little Sky. Overflowing with joy, he took to Instagram to share a heartwarming family picture taken during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The photo captured the immense happiness and love that permeates their lives, especially with the arrival of Sky.

As he reflects on the magic of the holiday season, Al Roker becomes sentimental when discussing Sky’s birth. During an emotional segment on the Today show, he expressed how holding his granddaughter instantly brought him back to the precious moments of holding her mother almost 35 years ago. It’s a reminder of the incredible circle of life and the love that continuously connects generations.

This Christmas holds a deeper significance for Al Roker. Last year, he faced health challenges during the holiday season. But this year, with a grateful heart, he celebrates his restored well-being and sends his warmest wishes to everyone for a joyful and Merry Christmas.

With Al Roker at the helm of this festive celebration, embracing the love and togetherness that family brings, it is sure to be a Christmas filled with delightful memories and cherished moments for the entire Roker clan.