Al Roker has had a tough time in the last few months with one health issue after another. Now it seems the famed Today Show meteorologist went under the knife again for surgery.

Keep reading to learn about his latest health update.

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Al Roker took a break from his role as the beloved meteorologist on the Today Show after he was hospitalized for blood clots in his lungs and legs. After weeks of being under treatment, he finally returned to television screens around the country seemingly with a clean bill of health.

However, it seems the media personality is on a break again due to health reasons. The 68-year-old went through a total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday and is now recovering from the process.

Roker shared a video of him walking very slowly in a hospital hallway after his surgery to show his fans how he was. He wrote in the caption, “Up and walking this morning on the [new knee] [step by step],” Roker wrote on Wednesday. He thanked his doctors in the post and noted he was “wearing a negative pressure pump to help facilitate wound healing.” The song “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits’ played in the background of the video.


He also posted a sweet slideshow of his wife who is ABC News journalist Dorah Roberts and him when she has accompanied him to his hospital visits in the last few years and wrote in the caption “I’m thinking [Roberts] and I have GOT to stop meeting like this.”

“Yes. And we will,” his wife replied.

The ABC News journalist also shared some pictures of her husband’s latest stint in the hospital and wrote, “Wednesday wonder. Part 2 of health journey for my sweet [Roker],” Roberts wrote. “So grateful for [the] talented medical team who got him back on his feet with a new knee and new sense of confidence after such a major challenge. Moving forward with [grit, gratitude, and grace]. Humbled by all the good wishes and [prayer] and the blessing of good [health care].”

The newsroom legend is doing well but his last bout of illness was not easy. At the time his wife Roberts told the media her husband was in a “very, very critical” state.

She had been dealing with one health crisis after another and said it was “one of the most exhausting and difficult things I ever had to cope with.” Roberts who herself is 62 years old, has been married to Roker since 1995. The couple share two children together, daughter Leila and son Nicholas.

While the ABC journalist said she wishes no family has to ever go through such a thing, it also taught her something. She learned that “you can step up and do whatever you need to do.”

View video here:

Al Roker on Instagram: “Up and walking this morning on the #newknee #stepbystep thanks to @drdavidmayman Wearing a negative pressure pump to help facilitate wound healing.”

“My whole family, after the crisis subsided, we almost collapsed,” she explained. “We didn’t realize the adrenaline rush of running and gunning every day to look after him. I didn’t appreciate how tough it was until the fog had started to clear and the dust was starting to settle.

That’s when I realized how hard it was. Get it done, get him well, take care of him: That was my goal.”

As for Roker’s job, he says he has no plans to retire and is “more passionate” about his work than ever.

Roker shared how his father retired from being a bus driver at 55 years old because he did not find it fun anymore. But for Roker working on the Today Show has been a wonderful experience and continues to be so.

He said, “I cannot tell you how much I look forward to it. Every day is a different day and our audience who comes down to the Today Show, our crew, our producers… How do you give up something like this?”