Blake Shelton, the talented country singer and beloved coach on “The Voice,” has not only captured the hearts of his fans but also the hearts of his wife Gwen Stefani’s three sons. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Blake opened up about his experience as a stepdad to Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

When asked about his future with Gwen, Blake expressed immense gratitude for the past 10 years and shared his excitement for the beautiful journey that lies ahead.

He revealed that in a couple of years, they will have two 18-year-olds, which means more valuable alone time for the couple. However, before that milestone arrives, they still have almost 10 years to cherish and nurture their youngest, Apollo.

Being a stepdad has transformed Blake in “every possible way.” It has taught him the importance of taking a step back and prioritizing his family. Blake emphasized that when you have a child, it’s no longer just about you. He firmly believes that to be a good parent, you must fully embrace this change and put your child’s needs first.

One of the greatest joys for Blake is introducing Gwen’s boys to the country lifestyle that he holds so dear. Whether it’s through the gift of music or spending time on the ranch, Blake appreciates being the person who exposes them to new experiences and embarks on exciting adventures together.

Blake is fully aware that being a stepdad comes with its unique set of challenges. He acknowledges that at times, being a stepparent can be more demanding than being a biological parent. However, he always strives to be there for Gwen’s sons, offering unwavering support and guidance whenever they need it.

For Blake, family means everything. In a heartfelt interview, he shared that he values his time with his loved ones even more than his successful career. Blake understands that time is precious and fleeting, and he wants to make the most of it with his children. Whether they are his biological children or stepchildren, Blake takes his role as a father figure extremely seriously and cherishes the unbreakable bond he has formed with Gwen’s boys.

Blake Shelton’s journey as a stepdad is a true testament to the immense love and dedication he has for his family. He stands as an amazing role model, teaching his stepsons valuable life lessons, and creating precious, unforgettable memories together.