In the hectic landscape of modern life, where responsibilities and bills mount up, it’s easy to dismiss yet another concern. Nevertheless, there’s a critical safety warning you should pay attention to.

Overlooking it could lead to severe consequences. If you ever notice a plastic bottle positioned between your car tire and the vehicle frame, act immediately and dial 911.

Carjackers have developed a new and effective method to steal vehicles. If you spot a water bottle on your tire, be alert that a potential car thief might be close, watching you and targeting your vehicle.

Though this trick was first reported in Limpopo, South Africa, it has quickly spread across the globe and is now being used successfully in the United States.

Here’s the breakdown of how the scam operates: A carjacker will place a water bottle against one of the vehicle’s wheels as a kind of “sign.” They specifically position it on the front passenger-side wheel to ensure that the driver won’t see it when entering the car.

Once the driver begins to drive, the empty plastic bottle creates a crunching noise. This typically alarms the driver and prompts them to stop and check what they might have hit.

This is the moment the carjacker seizes. If the driver carelessly leaves the keys in the ignition while the engine is running, the thief can just hop in and take off, leaving the owner marooned and flustered.

Alternatively, the thief could grab any valuable items, such as wallets or mobile phones, carelessly left by the unaware driver. The moment the driver exits the car to check the source of the noise, they expose themselves to danger.

Before entering your vehicle, take a brief moment to check your wheels. Look for any signs of irregularity. If you find a water bottle stuck between your car’s tire and the frame, remain cautious. A would-be thief might be observing you. Silently dial 911 on your phone and inform the authorities about your circumstances, expressing your worry for your security. Give them your location and specific details about your car.

Maintain alertness and ensure your safety in an increasingly intricate world.