Cockatoo Rescued From a Hard Life Dances to His Favorite Song

Did you know that parrots love to dance? It’s true! According to a researcher from the Neurosciences Institute, parrots not only mimic human behavior when they dance but they also feel and respond to the rhythm of the music. Dancing brings them joy and happy feelings.

A viral video released in October 2020 showcased Griffi, a rescue cockatoo, dancing to the song “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground. Griffi, with his few remaining tail feathers, danced his heart out, delighting his viewers and spreading happiness.

Griffi, who now lives with a loving foster family from the Florida Parrot Rescue, had a difficult life before finding his safe haven. His missing feathers are a sign of the stress he endured. However, in videos on his YouTube channel, you can see how his feathers have started to grow back, thanks to the love and care he receives in his new home.

In the video, Griffi can be seen bobbing his head and moving back and forth to the music. He lets out squawking sounds, clearly enjoying himself. Griffi is fortunate to have found a home that nurtures his love for dancing. His hilarious dancing videos have made him an online sensation.

Watch the Full Video Here!

Griffi’s Instagram account describes him as a special rescue bird who loves to dance and bring joy to others. His account is filled with funny dancing videos and pictures of his bird sibling. On his Facebook page, Griffi introduces himself as a Goffin’s Cockatoo who simply loves to dance.

Goffin’s cockatoos, known for their outgoing and intelligent personalities, require mental and physical interaction every day. Griffi’s dancing provides him with the perfect exercise that stimulates him mentally and physically. Originally from Indonesia, these cockatoos were brought to the United States as pets.

Cockatoos, often regarded as the most beloved members of the parrot family, can live up to 60 years. With their well-coordinated movements and climbing abilities, they make excellent companions. They are also known as the loudest of all parrots, using their vocalizations to express joy and communicate with other cockatoos.

Griffi, the dancing cockatoo, has gained 54.3 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel. His video of dancing to “The Humpty Dance” has amassed 3.6 million views. Viewers have been captivated by Griffi’s soulful moves, with one commenter even suggesting that Griffi was a professional dancer in another life. His happiness and talent are truly evident in his movements.

As the comments pour in, it’s clear that Griffi’s dancing has touched many hearts. Some express how they couldn’t resist dancing along when Griffi headbanged and extended his wing, while others admire his ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Griffi’s videos are spreading joy around the world.

If you have a pet parrot, why not try teaching them to dance like Griffi? Put on some fun and upbeat music, start dancing, and watch as your feathered friend follows your lead. Positive reinforcement, such as giving them a treat, is a great way to train pets. Remember to enjoy the experience and spend quality time with your bird, as they need exercise and attention.

Did Griffi’s dancing make you laugh? Do you or someone you know have a pet bird? Share your thoughts and don’t forget to pass on the joy to your friends and family.