Dallas was one of the most beloved TV shows, which made waves over 40 years ago. Among the most popular actors was Sue Ellen, who is now 83 years old. What is Linda Gray up to now, and what was the greatest drama she faced in her life?

What is Sue Ellen from Dallas doing now?

The series “Dallas” was a huge success and was broadcast in 80 countries. It totaled 377 episodes, translated into 67 languages, over 14 years. Its iconic opening sequences and unforgettable characters have left a strong impression in the memories of its audience, standing the test of time.

The actress will turn 83 on September 12, but she doesn’t look her age at all. She is very active online, where a large number of fans follow her. Currently, she leads a discreet life in the suburbs of California, in Valencia, where she owns a farm.

She’s doing very well, but her thoughts are still on the Dallas series. However, the experience didn’t leave her with a good feeling. She now realizes that she wasn’t truly appreciated by those in charge of the series.

Linda Gray recalls that during that time, most of those involved in the project were men. She confessed that she had to work in an environment that was hostile to women, often being underestimated, ignored, and forced to fend for herself.

“Let’s be honest, back in those times, women were marginalized, overlooked, hardly a decision-making factor, but merely decorative. The Dallas series was chauvinistic, to be honest. The producers, the writers, had a few female writers, but they were there just for show.

But the world changes… and I got to witness this change. Women were rising and becoming very vocal about how they were treated, the salaries they were getting, and the number of women defending them increased more and more”, Linda Gray revealed.

The biggest tragedy in actress Linda Gray’s life Linda Gray is still loved by many, has fans all over the world, and boasts tremendous success. However, few know that her life hasn’t always been rosy. She faced a tragedy that deeply marked her.

Three years ago, the actress’s world collapsed: she lost her only son. Jeff Thrasher passed away on November 23, 2020, at just 56 years old. His mother was devastated and never truly overcame the loss.

“A celebration of my son Jeff’s life. He was the best, the funniest, the sweetest man… he brought so much love into this world, everyone loved him! May his journey be magical ❤️”, Linda wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only tragedy the actress faced. Sue Ellen from “Dallas” revealed at one point that she spent 21 years in a marriage where she didn’t truly feel fulfilled as a woman.

Between 1962 and 1983, she was married to Ed Thrasher, with whom she had a son and a daughter named Kelly, who is now 57 years old. Currently, she is married to Lance Sloane and says she feels fulfilled and at peace.