Susan Sullivan, Former Castle Actress, Shares her Struggle with Lung Cancer

Susan Sullivan, the beloved actress known for her roles in shows like Falcon Crest and Castle, recently revealed that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Despite facing this difficult journey, Sullivan remains optimistic and wants to inspire others to face life’s challenges with humor and hope.

A Message of Resilience and Hope

In a heartfelt post on X, Sullivan expressed her gratitude for the outpouring of support from her fans.

She shared that the surgery was successful, but the healing process has been a struggle. Sullivan’s determination to keep moving forward is evident as she encourages everyone to stay ready for life’s surprising twists and turns.

Accompanying her message, Sullivan posted a photo of herself in the hospital wearing a yellow mask and a hospital gown, holding an IV pole.

While she did not disclose further details about her diagnosis, her fans rallied around her in the comments, sending their well wishes and expressing their love for her past performances.

One fan on X reminisced about Sullivan’s unforgettable portrayal of Castle’s Mom, saying, “I hope you’ll be back, better than ever! I’ve always loved any performance you’ve given us.

My favorite will always be Martha! I wish you all the best.” Another user, Kristian Alfonso, who worked with Sullivan on Falcon Crest, sent her love and wished her a speedy recovery.

Facing Adversity with Strength

Sullivan’s journey reminds us all of the importance of staying strong during difficult times. Her openness about her diagnosis and her determination to keep moving forward inspire many.

Susan Sullivan’s portrayal of resilient characters on-screen has touched the lives of viewers, and now she continues to impact them with her real-life courage in facing this health battle.

As we send our thoughts and prayers to Susan Sullivan during her healing process, let us also learn from her example. Life may throw unexpected challenges our way, but with humor, hope, and the support of our loved ones, we can navigate through them and emerge stronger.


Sullivan was born in New York City, the daughter of Helen (née Rockett) and Brendan Sullivan, an advertising executive.[citation needed] She was raised on Long Island in Freeport, Nassau County,[2][better source needed] where she graduated from Freeport High School in 1960.[citation needed] She earned a BA in drama from Hofstra University in 1964.[3]

She got her start in acting in the 1960s playing opposite Dustin Hoffman in the Broadway play Jimmy Shine.[2][better source needed] She landed a contract with Universal Studios in 1969, guest-starring on several series. It was during this time that she played roles in daytime dramas.[citation needed]

Starting with a role on A World Apart in 1970, she moved to a five-year stint as Lenore Moore Curtin Delaney on the daytime soap opera Another World. Taking over from Judith Barcroft, Sullivan played the role from 1971 to 1976. She played Charlton Heston’s girlfriend Ann, a new character written into the television version of the film Midway (1976). She then played Dr. Elaina Marks opposite Bill Bixby in the Incredible Hulk pilot in 1977, and portrayed Poker Alice opposite James Garner as Bret Maverick on The New Maverick the following year. Sullivan also appeared in Barnaby Jones; episode titled “Final Judgement”(01/26/1978). She played the role of Maggie Porter in the television drama Rich Man, Poor Man Book II.[4][better source needed] She played Dr. Julie Farr in Having Babies from 1978 to 1979, and was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series,[5] which was made into two television films and later a short-lived weekly series in 1978. During a week in February 1978, she was a panelist on Match Game, both on CBS and in syndication. In 1980, she appeared on the sitcom It’s a Living, playing head waitress Lois Adams