Tucker Carlson is a renowned journalist, author, political commentator, and columnist who has garnered a significant following throughout his career.

Despite some of his fans suggesting that he should run for the presidency in 2024, Tucker has neither responded to nor shown any explicit interest in such an endeavor.

Born in 1969 in California, Tucker Carlson currently resides in the state with his brother Buckley and his father Dick Carlson. At the age of six, Tucker’s mother, McNear Lombardi, departed from the family.

His father, Dick Carlson, worked as a journalist and served as the director of Voice of America during the final years of the Cold War, while Lombardi pursued a career as an artist.

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Initially aspiring to work with the CIA, Tucker faced rejection, leading his father to suggest a career in journalism.

According to Columbia Journalism Review, Tucker’s father advised him, saying, “You should consider journalism. They’ll take anybody.”

As his career progressed, Tucker’s popularity soared, capturing the hearts of many as a fearless commentator who fearlessly tackled various subjects.

People fell in love with his bold comments, but his brightly colored bow tie didn’t leave unnoticed.

“If you wear a bow tie, it’s like [wearing] a middle finger around your neck; you’re just inviting scorn and ridicule… the number of people screaming the F-word at me… it wore me down after a while so I gave in and became conventional,” Tucker said.

In 1991, Tucker Carlson got married to his 10th-grade sweetheart, Susan Anderson.

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In 2000, Tucker shared with People magazine, “She was the most adorable 10th grader in the entire country.”

Recalling their early days, Susan remarked, “He had a lively stride, wearing khaki pants and a ribbon belt. Even back then, he exuded such optimism and positivity.”

After more than three decades of marriage, they cannot fathom a life where they are separated from one another, as their bond remains inseparable.

Together, they have been blessed with four children: a son named Buckley and three daughters named Lillie, Hopie, and Dorothy.

Although Tucker projects a tough persona on the screens, he is a devoted father and a loving husband. He cherishes moments with his son, often spending quality time fishing together.

Additionally, his eldest daughter, Lillie, made an appearance in a text published in the New York Times in 2005. In the piece, Tucker shared a story of how she fearlessly played with an alligator until the guide intervened and requested her to cease.

Carlson opened up on why he stopped his son from watching Oprah Winfrey’s show

“When I had a son, I stopped watching Oprah because it was just too anti-male, and I felt like I did not want to bring him up in a home where Oprah was constantly attacking men, And remember, keep your boys away from Oprah or it will make them feel bad about being male. It’s absolutely true.

Keep your girls away from rap, keep your boys away from Oprah. And everybody will be fine.