A heartbroken woman, who was six months pregnant, found herself pleading with her husband to be there for her during this crucial time. But instead of supporting her, her husband shocked her with his response. Let’s dive into this story and explore the struggles faced by this expectant mother.

A Strong Bond with His Mother

This couple had been together for five years before tying the knot. However, throughout the woman’s pregnancy, she realized just how attached her husband was to his mother.

She confessed, “My husband is a complete momma’s boy. He’ll call his mother for hours and spend more time with her than with me.” This tight bond became a major issue that led the wife to seek advice from the Reddit community.

The Breaking Point

The breaking point came when, at six months pregnant, the woman asked her husband to spend more time with her to prepare for the arrival of their child.

Shockingly, her husband stated that he couldn’t be there for her because it would cut into the time he spent with his mother. He even went as far as saying, “You know my mom comes before you.” This statement left the expectant wife devastated.

Left Alone

After her husband left to be with his mother, the wife was left to handle everything on her own. It was during this time that her mother-in-law called, gloating about her victory. The wife could hear her husband’s laughter in the background, making her situation even worse. Despite her anger and disappointment, she soldiered on.

Anniversary Surprise Gone Wrong

A few weeks later, the couple celebrated their anniversary. The wife had planned a day filled with activities her husband enjoyed, hoping to spend quality time together. However, her husband came home from work and quickly left again, leaving her alone.

Assuming he was organizing a surprise for her, she patiently waited. But when he still hadn’t returned after half an hour, she decided to call. To her dismay, she learned that her husband was staying with his mother instead. It was at this moment that she confronted him, expressing her hurt and reminding him that his mother couldn’t be carrying their child.

Seeking Validation

Feeling troubled and unsure if she was in the wrong, she turned to the Reddit community for advice. The response she received was overwhelming.

People supported her, empathizing with her desire for her husband to spend more time with her during such an important stage in their lives. They also suggested she talk to her husband directly about his close bond with his mother.

A Change of Heart

When the wife confronted her husband about their strained relationship and the effect it was having on their marriage, he was deeply remorseful.

He explained that his mother held a special place in his heart. However, upon realizing the seriousness of their situation, he promised to make amends and prioritize his wife and unborn child.

Dealing with the Mother-in-Law

The wife contemplated discussing the issue with her mother-in-law, but she knew it would likely lead to an argument. She firmly believed that it wasn’t about winning or losing; it was about finding a balance and ensuring her child’s well-being.

She made it clear that if her mother-in-law didn’t change her behavior, she would lose visitation rights to her grandchild.

It is crucial for partners to support each other during pregnancy. Expectant mothers need the care, love, and presence of their partners more than ever.

It’s essential to communicate openly and find a balance that allows both partners to contribute to the well-being of their family. Let’s hope this couple can learn from their struggles and create a stronger, more balanced relationship for their future as parents.