Being 18 years old and excited about starting college, I never could have imagined that my inheritance would lead to such a difficult situation with my own mother.

I inherited around $125,000 from my late grandfather, which coincidentally was around the same amount of money that my mother owed me. But instead of supporting my dreams of attending my dream college, my mother refused to give me the money.

Growing up, my relationship with my parents had always been complicated, but it seemed to worsen as I became older. The inheritance just seemed to amplify the tension between my mother and me.

I desperately needed that money to fund my college education, but my mother had other ideas. She expected me to pay her back for everything she had done for me over the years. When I asked her to transfer the inheritance money to my account, she adamantly refused, insisting that the money belonged to her because of all the sacrifices she had made for me.

I was taken aback by her response. It quickly became clear that our conversation was not going anywhere, so I decided to take a legal route and filed a case against her. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of a long and arduous battle.

As I reflected on our complicated relationship, I realized that my mother had always taken advantage of me. I discovered that she would steal money from my room, even going so far as to break into my safe and take the earnings I made from participating in sports competitions. Feeling vulnerable and helpless, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I waited a few days before confronting my mother again, using that time to calculate exactly how much money she owed me. When I was 13, I began keeping track of all the money I earned in a notebook. Adding it all up, I discovered that my mother had stolen almost $125,000 from me over the years, including my inheritance.

Armed with this evidence, I mustered up the courage to confront my mother once again. As I revealed the total amount she owed me, her initial confusion quickly turned into anger.

She started yelling, claiming that all the money was actually hers because she had spent even more on my medical bills. However, I remained calm and posed a seemingly simple question: why wasn’t she demanding repayment from my siblings?

No longer able to justify her actions, my mother became even more hostile. In an attempt to destroy the evidence, she took my notebook and papers. But little did she know that I had already made digital copies of everything. I was prepared for this battle.

The next day, I sent an email to my mother, giving her one last chance to do the right thing and repay me. I made it clear that if she refused, I would not hesitate to take legal action against her for stealing my money. It was a difficult decision to make, but I knew I had to stand up for myself.

However, as I reread the email, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had gone too far. I turned to the Reddit community for advice, uncertain if I had made the right choice.

One user reassured me that parents have a responsibility to provide for their children, and it was not my obligation to repay them. Another user suggested seeking legal advice and having all the information reviewed by an attorney.

Taking their advice to heart, I updated my post to share that my father was supporting me in this battle. I opened a separate bank account, ensuring that my mother couldn’t access any more of my money.

In the midst of the legal battle, my mother shockingly confessed that my siblings did not belong to my father. She had cheated on him and had five children from her affair. Now, she was not only dealing with a lawsuit and potential criminal charges, but also facing a divorce.

I am grateful for the support and guidance I received from the Reddit community during this challenging time. It helped me navigate through the emotional turmoil and legal complexities of the situation.

Reader Comments:

  • “I can’t believe your mother would do such a thing. Stay strong and fight for what’s rightfully yours!” – u/LoyalReader23
  • “I’m glad you reached out for help. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. You deserve to pursue your dreams.” – u/sunshine82
  • “It’s appalling how your mother is treating you. Keep documenting everything and let the legal system do its job.” – u/JusticeSeeker

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