In a video posted on YouTube, the Romanian tells how he went through hell and heaven, how he met his dead parents and how he was saved by angels. It also describes in sensational detail what Heaven, God and the angels look like.

“And suddenly looking to the left I saw a big gate and that gate was exactly as my body was, all the colors were on that gate. I then looked into the grave. I marveled at my body. I knew that was my body and now what kind of body I have.

And the angel on the right tells me: see, this is what happens to anyone who dies. The body rots in the ground, and the soul receives a body like ours – said the angels – or like those in hell, bodies of demons – so the angels told me.

And you – they said to me – you received a guest body of hell and heaven for your disbelief. Now come, don’t be afraid. You must see a piece of Heaven. I turned my eyes to that big gate that unlocked in two parts.

When I reached the gate, they were pulling for me to enter and I was afraid. And I said: how can I go there in that great brightness, in that beauty that I see –

I could see it from the gate – how can I enter there, I am not worthy. But the angels, the angels were pulling my hands, come don’t be afraid. They saw and knew that I was afraid.

Come, don’t be afraid, they said to me, and when I stepped inside at a certain moment, I no longer felt like here when you step outside into the house, all matter under your feet. I was already walking, but I was walking in the air. Just like putting your hands in the air like that, that’s how I felt.

So I didn’t feel matter under my feet. But a joy that penetrated me cannot be explained in human words exactly as it is written in the Bible.

There it is: as the eye of man has not seen, the ear has not heard, the heart of man has not ascended. So at a given moment how I entered curiously now, into that great brilliance, into that great beauty, now curious to see, curious to hear, there as it is, there in God’s Heaven.

I only saw a particle there. I have not seen all of God’s Heaven. When I receive the heir’s body and go there, then I will see all of God’s Heaven when I am an heir. I was a guest”, said the man originally from Satu Mare county.

“And the angels said to me: here are all your bad deeds recorded. The truth is that if people record, God even more records all good and bad deeds.

And now after they told me “here are all your bad deeds”, after I thought that they would definitely drive me to hell, I will have to admit that I am not worthy to be here. They said: not as you think. So they knew my thoughts.

And the truth is, the angels know our thoughts as well as the Lord Jesus and God. But now, they told me: here are all your bad deeds recorded and at the front door, because I was in that big hall, and at the front door is the place prepared for you and your relatives”, added Bărnuţiu.

“At one point my father was on the left bed, my mother on the right, on the right bed. I wanted to talk to dad but the angels told me: let him rest, you are not allowed to talk to him.

Then, I left my father and turned my gaze to my mother on the bed on the right, I say: “What are you doing here, mother?” She told me: “I came to see you, but especially you, how you will be born again today”, said the one who lived this spiritual experience.

The kid also remembered details about the way those around him were dressed: “The clothing of the Lord Jesus and the angels was perfectly white, the hair white, white, so when they turned to one side the hair was in one with the clothing and I didn’t see wings – because many people asked me: didn’t you see that angels didn’t have wings?

I don’t know, my mother dreamed of angels, but with wings. I have not seen wings on angels, although I have seen them. And from behind I didn’t see that they had wings. I saw his white coat from top to bottom and that white, white hair and that slightly yellow very bright appearance.

By the age of 34 and a half I had to see all my bad deeds. I want to say that I passed in front of every door and I had to see my body at the age of 16, like in the restaurant after I finished the professional in Lupeni, I was assigned to Petroşani and there the engineer celebrated his birthday and called us to the restaurant. I saw how we Romanians sang there at a separate table, of course we sang popular songs, and at another table the Hungarians sang in Hungarian.

And they wanted to forbid us to sing in Romanian, and a fight broke out, and instead of fighting, I went outside and ran away. Exactly how it happened, that’s how I saw the first case, during the time I was declared dead”.

“In hell I saw that tunnel that they say was 100 meters deep and then I saw the world of hell and those flames rising up to the sky and all those with raised hands coming towards me and crying for water and help.

They were all coming. Now here I saw that tunnel but without end, without end and suddenly I saw a cloud coming from the depth about 10-15 meters in front of me that cloud unfolded and I saw exactly a man – exactly as I see you in my girl.

That’s how I saw God. Especially since He was 20 meters tall. It was about 5-6 meters wide. It was a body that I have never seen in my life so big. Now I thought He would shout to me: your place is not here, your place is in hell.

Get out of my face. But He didn’t shout, He didn’t even shout at me in a raised tone. So gently and the angels spoke so gently that I would never tire of hearing them.

But when God spoke to me so gently, he said to me, “Come, don’t be afraid, you had sins as big as the sand of the sea, but now through the blood of My beloved son Jesus, all are erased and forgiven by Me.” I didn’t know what to say.

I was happily preparing to tell him something or not to tell him, I was still afraid that if I told him something he might yell at me. “Don’t be afraid, I have decided that you will go into the world,” he told me, “for your family and so many souls who want salvation.”

“Go, tell everyone with whom you will have the opportunity to talk about what you saw and what you heard, but more than that, tell everyone because soon the grace will be taken away and the world will end. Go, don’t be afraid. My Spirit is always with you.” Then, suddenly I felt that a refreshing air came over me and I immediately saw myself in this body”, added the man.

And now, the angels entered Heaven, I woke up in the morgue, I woke up there. Of course the wife came from town. She went shopping, prepared for the funeral and came back. And when he came there to the door of the morgue, seeing me alive, he asked me: “Are you Gavrilă?” I said “Yes”, Bărnuţiu concluded the story of his life.