TV icon Jay Leno and his wife, Mavis Leno, have been married for four decades — and they are still in love.

“We have a great time. You have to marry a normal person,” Jay said during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show in September 2023.

“Guys say [to me] all the time, ‘I met this girl, she’s crazy but the sex is unbelievable.’ I go to them, ‘You’re right, but when the sex is over, she’s still crazy. Now, you have 23 hours of crazy until [the] good-crazy hour comes back.’”

He continued, “I always [say], ‘Marry your conscience. Marry the person you wish you could be, who is kind and maybe whatever fault you have, doesn’t have those faults.’ That’s worked out for me, so to me, I married the perfect person. It worked out good.”

Jay Leno’s Wife of 44 Years ‘Does Not Know’ Him Sometimes amid Battle with Dementia

It can be heartbreaking when someone you love starts to forget who you are. This is the reality that comedian Jay Leno is facing with his wife of 44 years, Mavis Leno. Mavis has been battling Alzheimer’s disease, which has caused her to sometimes forget about her husband and even her own birthday.

The decline in Mavis’s health started shortly after Jay applied for custody. Court documents revealed that her court-appointed lawyer, Ronald Austin, has been monitoring her condition. He reported that Mavis “sometimes does not know either her husband […] or the date of her birth.” It’s a sad and difficult situation for both of them.

Staying Positive in the Face of Dementia

Despite the challenges Mavis faces with advanced dementia, she manages to maintain a positive attitude. Her neurologist, Dr. Hart Cohen, explains that Mavis, who is now 77 years old, often experiences severe disorientation and frequently thinks about her deceased parents. It’s a constant struggle for her to stay present and remember the people around her.

Mavis’s Charitable Spirit Shines Through

Ronald Austin describes Mavis as an attractive and sociable woman who is now dealing with cognitive impairment. Despite her condition, Mavis expressed a desire to vote and shared some details about her charity work with Ronald. Her compassionate and generous nature still shines through, even in the midst of her battle with dementia.

Support from Loved Ones

It’s not easy for Jay Leno to watch his wife struggle with this devastating disease. He continues to show her love and support, even when she doesn’t recognize him. Jay is by Mavis’s side, helping her navigate through the challenges of Alzheimer’s. Their love and commitment to each other are evident in their 44 years of marriage.

Raising Awareness for Alzheimer’s

The story of Jay and Mavis Leno serves as a reminder of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on individuals and their families. It highlights the importance of raising awareness about this condition and the need for continued research to find a cure. With more understanding and support, we can better assist those affected by dementia and work towards improving their quality of life.