Kate Middleton is going through one of the hardest times in her life, having recently been diagnosed with cancer. The Princess of Wales is experiencing severe anxiety, especially as she undergoes tough chemotherapy sessions.

According to the sources of the Royal House, it seems that the wife of Prince William is not feeling well at all.

After Princess Kate was diagnosed with cancer, the entire royal family is going through nightmare moments. George, Charlotte and Louis, the three children of the Prince and Princess of Wales are receiving psychological counselling, according to Royal House sources.

It seems that the royal family has chosen to take the little ones to a psychologist to help them get through the period that their mother is facing.

Kate and William have done everything possible to protect George, Charlotte and Louis since the moment he learned of the cruel diagnosis.

The Princess of Wales revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer via a video posted by the British Royal House on March 23, 2024. This date was chosen strategically because the little ones were on Easter vacation and this gave them allowed parents to explain the situation to them in a calm environment and without the influence of outside comments. Kate Middleton wanted her three children not to be affected in any way by the tragic news, which is why she chose to seek the help of psychologists.

It seems that this time the royal family preferred to seek the help of therapists to protect the three children from future trauma. The same cannot be said for the time when Princes William and Harry lost their mother, Princess Diana, in a tragic accident. In an attempt to keep their own children from experiencing such experiences, Kate and William took action.

The Royal Household has been shaken to its foundations in recent months after King Charles and Kate Middleton were diagnosed with cancer.

The royal family is going through a difficult time, and the most vulnerable in such situations are children. As the world looks on with hope, the Princess of Wales continues to fight the relentless disease, inspiring millions of people going through similar situations.