Gwen Stefani’s Heartfelt Tribute

Gwen Stefani, a beloved figure in the fashion and music industry, recently took to Instagram to pay tribute to the iconic fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood.

With a heavy heart, Gwen expressed her deep appreciation for the honor of wearing Westwood’s creations for the first time. The impact Westwood had on both fashion and popular culture left a lasting impression on the talented vocalist.

In her heartfelt post, Gwen couldn’t find enough words to describe the incredible feeling of wearing Vivienne’s clothes. She emphasized the ageless and unique nature of the designer’s creations, acknowledging that no one else could ever replicate her style.

Gwen also highlighted how Westwood influenced her personal style and the fashion industry as a whole. “Vivienne was incomparable, and she will forever remain one of my favorite designers,” Gwen expressed sincerely.

Gwen Stefani’s tribute showcased the inventiveness and global impact of Vivienne Westwood’s work. She concluded her emotional eulogy by wishing Westwood eternal peace and expressing deep gratitude for everything the designer had given throughout her lifetime.

A Loss Felt by Many

Vivienne Westwood’s passing on December 29th left a void that is deeply felt by her family, fans, and the entire fashion world. Survived by her husband, Andreas Kronthaler, and their two children, Derek Westwood and Joseph Corré, her departure has devastated those closest to her. Derek, a well-known fashion designer himself, and Joseph, who created the lingerie line Agent Provocateur to honor his mother’s legacy, carry on her creative spirit.

The announcement of Westwood’s death came shortly after Gwen Stefani hinted at joyful news, sparking excitement among her fans. Speculations arose about Gwen and her partner, Blake Shelton, expecting a child together. Anticipation among her admirers grew as they eagerly awaited an Instagram video supposedly sharing this happy news. However, when Gwen finally shared the video, it brought a different kind of revelation, breaking the hearts of many.

While Gwen and Blake may not have children of their own, the country singer wholeheartedly embraces his role as stepfather to Gwen’s sons – Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston. He cherishes every moment and doesn’t want to miss out on any special experiences in life.

Blake understands the importance of creating an environment where the three brothers can thrive and grow together. His enthusiasm and support for their goals and dreams aim to create lasting memories and foster a strong family bond. True to his friendly nature, Blake has opened his heart to embrace and love Gwen’s children as his own.


Her brother Eric introduced Gwen to 2 Tone music by Madness and the Selecter, and, in 1986, he invited her to provide vocals for No Doubt, a ska band he was forming.[16] In 1991, the band was signed to Interscope Records.[26]

The band released its self-titled debut album in 1992, but its ska-pop sound was unsuccessful due to the popularity of grunge.[27] Before the mainstream success of both No Doubt and Sublime, Stefani contributed guest vocals to “Saw Red” on Sublime’s 1994 album Robbin’ the Hood.

Stefani rejected the aggressiveness of female grunge artists and cited Blondie singer Debbie Harry’s combination of power and sex appeal as a major influence.[28] No Doubt’s third album, Tragic Kingdom (1995), which followed the self-released The Beacon Street Collection (1995), took more than three years to make.

Five singles were released from Tragic Kingdom, including “Don’t Speak”, which led the Hot 100 Airplay year-end chart of 1997.[29] Stefani left college for one semester to tour for Tragic Kingdom but did not return when touring lasted two and a half years.[17]

The album was nominated for a Grammy and sold more than 16 million copies worldwide by 2004.[17][30][31] In late 2000, Rolling Stone magazine named her “the Queen of Confessional Pop”.[