When the sitcom Friends debuted in 1994, it catapulted Matthew Perry and his co-stars to worldwide fame. While the show brought them financial security, Perry’s personal struggles with addiction and alcoholism were just beginning.

The bond between the Friends actors went beyond friendship. They became a family, and fans couldn’t help but wonder if there were any romantic connections between them. Despite rumors, the six actors actually made a pact.

Matthew Perry, who dated several famous women during and after the show, reportedly never moved on from one person: Courteney Cox, his co-star and on-screen love interest.

The Phenomenon of Friends

Friends TV show

Friends is one of the most beloved and iconic sitcoms of all time, with over 1 billion people streaming the show since its premiere. But when creators Kevin Bright, Marta Kauffman, and David Crane came up with the idea in 1993, they had no idea what was ahead.

After a previous failed attempt at making a sitcom, they found inspiration in their nostalgia for college graduation and life in New York City. They crafted a seven-page proposal for a show named Insomnia Café, which eventually became Friends.

The show’s essence, according to the pitch, revolved around relationships, careers, love, and that period in life when anything is possible. It was also about the importance of friendship when you’re single and living in the city.

The Journey to Friends

Friends cast

NBC approved and purchased the concept, giving Kauffman and Crane the opportunity to work on the pilot episode. The original title was Friends Like Us, which later got shortened to just Friends.

The casting process took time, but eventually, the six main cast members were chosen: David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay, and Matthew Perry as the witty Chandler Bing.

Matthew Perry’s Admiration for Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry

In his memoir, Matthew Perry referred to Courteney Cox as “cripplingly beautiful” and mentioned that he had heard great things about Lisa Kudrow from a mutual friend.

Perry clarified, though, that he and his co-stars never had any romantic encounters off-screen. He jokingly said, “I don’t think any of them had sex, or else I was really missing something; I didn’t.”

Courteney Cox has also expressed her admiration for working with Perry, stating that she loved having him as a coworker on Friends. She even credited the experience with helping shape her personality over the ten years of filming the show.

Unresolved Feelings

Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox

Despite never dating during the show’s run, Matthew Perry reportedly developed strong feelings for Courteney Cox that he couldn’t shake off. In fact, a source revealed that Perry has always been in love with her and hasn’t been able to move on completely.

Rumors circulated that Perry and Cox had a brief dating phase after Cox’s breakup with musician Johnny McDaid. While the reports were never confirmed, it’s clear that Perry had a deep admiration for his former co-star both on and off-screen.

The bond shared by the Friends cast is evident even years after the show ended. Matthew Perry’s lingering feelings for Courteney Cox serve as a testament to the lasting impact of their on-screen chemistry and the genuine friendships that developed behind the scenes.

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