Saying Goodbye to a Kind and Skilled Physician

Last week, Mia Robertson, the daughter of Duck Dynasty actors Missy and Jase Robertson, experienced a heartbreaking loss. Dr. David Genecov, her long-time physician, tragically passed away in a traffic accident.

Dr. Genecov had been treating Mia for several years, not only providing medical care but also being a source of kindness and support. The news of his untimely death has left Mia and her family devastated.

A Doctor who Touched Hearts and Changed Lives

Mia Robertson has been truly blessed to have had such a skilled and compassionate pediatrician throughout her life.

Dr. Genecov’s love and care will forever remain in Mia’s heart as an enduring reminder of his impact. Although his passing has brought shock and sadness, Mia will cherish the memories they shared for the rest of her life. Dr. Genecov’s legacy will continue to live on through Mia’s gratitude and the countless lives he touched.

A Generous Spirit and Unwavering Support

Missy Robertson, Mia’s mother, fondly recalls the incredible impact Dr. Genecov had on their lives. His generosity and continuous support brought peace and stability to their often-challenging situation.

His unwavering encouragement instilled in them the belief that they could overcome any obstacle, no matter how difficult. In July, Mia underwent her 14th operation, which she hopes will be her last. Inspired by her own journey, Mia initiated the “Mia Moo Fund” to provide medical care to other children in need, ensuring they can smile without worry or concealment.

The support of their family and friends has proven to be invaluable, strengthening the resilience of both Missy and Mia every step of the way.

Strengthened by Compassion and Grace

Dr. Genecov’s presence brought comfort and reassurance during Mia’s transformative 14th operation in July. His support empowered Mia and her family to face an uncertain future with courage and grace.

Their shared journey has enabled them to discover inner strength they never thought possible. Together, they have grown stronger, ready to confront any challenges that may come their way.

In light of their own experiences, Mia established the “Mia Moo Fund,” a humanitarian organization committed to helping children in need of medical care. Financial support from the fund ensures that no child has to sacrifice their smiles due to limited resources.

Remembering a Remarkable Man

Missy Robertson delivered the sad news of Dr. Genecov’s passing to Mia with a heavy heart. His generosity, inclusion, and undeniable sense of style will forever be cherished by those he touched. Mia considers herself fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Dr. David Genecov.

His dedication to treating her cracked lip and palate, as well as his contributions to medical advancements, will always be remembered and appreciated by future generations.

A Legacy of Warmth and Healing

Dr. David Genecov’s exceptional work and kindness during Mia’s time of need hold a special place in the hearts of her family. They remain forever grateful for the medical breakthroughs he achieved, positively impacting lives worldwide.

Missy Robertson asks for prayers for all those affected by this tragedy, recognizing the profound impact Dr. Genecov had on their lives. His legacy will continue to be a source of inspiration and gratitude for years to come.