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Bolton was born in New Haven, Connecticut. His father, George Bolotin, was a local official in the Democratic Party, and his mother, Helen, was a homemaker.

He has a brother, Orrin, and a sister, Sandra. By age 7, Bolton was able to play the saxophone. He began writing songs at age 9.

At age 14, he formed a group, the Nomads, that were signed to a singles contract by Epic Records when Bolton was 16. With his parents’ permission, he dropped out of high school and left home at age 15 to travel cross country along U.S. Route 66 and pursue music full-time.

He took odd jobs, including as Paula Abdul’s babysitter.

Fans of singer Michael Bolton are sending prayers and well-wishes after the star took to Instagram Friday to announce that he had undergone emergency surgery after being diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The 70-year-old began his post by wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year before delving into his healthy struggle.

“Just before the holidays, it was discovered that I had a brain tumor, which required immediate surgery,” he wrote. “Thanks to my incredible medical team, the surgery was a success.”

Bolton said he is recovering at home “surrounded by the tremendous love and support of my family.”

“For the next couple of months, I will be devoting my time and energy to my recovery which means I’ll have to take a temporary break from touring,” he wrote. “It is always the hardest thing for me to ever disappoint my fans or postpone a show, but have no doubt I am working to accelerate my recovery and get back to performing soon.”

Bolton went on to say he was “grateful for all the love and support” from his fans.

“Know that I’m keeping your positive messages in my heart, and I’ll give you more updates as soon as I can,” he continued. “Much love always, MB.”

Bolton, who has reportedly sold more than 75 million albums across his long career, remained busy through last year, dropping two albums, “Spark of Light,” and “Christmas Time.”

Bolton’s message was met by an outpouring of prayers and well-wishes from fans.

“Your health comes first!” one person responded. “Glad you had a good team and that you have a loving, supportive family.”

“Prayers for healing and full recovery for Michael,” another wrote.

“The world is a better place because you are in it,” another responded.