Michael Bublé’s success is no secret, with four Grammy Awards and over 65 million records sold throughout his career. With phenomenal talent and a fan base that would shake any stadium, one can understand why he is where he is today. His newest album, ‘Higher’ was released in March of this year.

Michael Bublé’s son, Noah, battled liver cancer

Noah was fortunate enough to recover from his run-in with cancer and is in excellent health. Bublé broke down in tears, thanking everyone who has stood by him, supporting him and his family through this terrible ordeal.

It also turns out that Noah was the inspiration for his newest album. Probably the most significant heartfelt moment behind it all is that the 8-year-old seemingly follows in his father’s footsteps.

A prodigy standing proud in his father’s footsteps

This is a wonderful opportunity to thank all of you for your support, your love, and all your prayers. Higher’ depicts all the happiness in my heart right now. It’s a love letter to the world because it’s a wonderful moment in my life. I was during bath time with the kids and my son Noah told me he wrote a son.”

He began to sing it and I thought it was a great song. Months later, I sang the song to a very famous composer and he also said it was great. within 30 minutes, we had a finished song and it’s the greatest hit on the radio I’ve had over 20 years in my career.” says proud Michael Bublé about his brave son.

Bublé had to fight back the tears when his son brought him to chorus

Michael Buble with son, Noah
Image Credit: @michaelbuble Instagram

The singer was in absolute tears when his son surprised him after learning a piano rendition of his song, I’ll Never Not Love You. He shared a video on Instagram where you can see 46-year-old Bublé and his son singing together. Noah had learned the tune while his dad was away on tour and found the perfect moment to show him. He even said that Noah had “more talent in his little fingers than I have in my whole body.”

Noah surprised me after I was away on tour. He worked so hard to learn this song. So proud of my guy.” Said Bublé. The absolutely proud father can be seen beaming in the video, singing along while his son hits the right notes on the piano. Fans were absolutely besotted, commenting on the duo’s performance.

It’s no wonder people love Michael Bublé so much. He’s an amazing father and husband.

Michael Buble on set
Image Credit: @michaelbuble Instagram

I’m not crying, you’re crying 🥺🥺” said one, while another opened up about their son. “Thank you for sharing. Priceless…. I lost my only son Feb 2022 at 36 forever. Natural causes. Miss him every day. Love your children and tell them every day. ❤️ you.” A third said “Couldn’t stop smiling watching this man!! Love it❤️”

It’s no wonder people love Michael Bublé so much. He’s an amazing father and husband.