Michael J. Fox and his wife Tracy Pollan are not just your ordinary couple. They have shared a beautiful journey together for over 35 years, overcoming many challenges along the way.

One of those challenges is Michael’s battle with Parkinson’s disease. But their love and admiration for each other have only grown stronger.

Recently, on their 35th anniversary, Michael took to social media to express his deep love and gratitude for Tracy. He shared pictures capturing beautiful moments from their long journey together.

In his heartfelt message, he thanked Tracy for 35 years of laughter, living, listening, and loving. He ended the message by declaring, “Thank you for everything. I’m yours forever, Mike.”

Tracy, touched by Michael’s sweet tribute, replied in the comments, “Love you so much!!!” She also celebrated their anniversary on her own Instagram, expressing her love and looking forward to many more wonderful adventures with him. Their public messages reflect the deep love and care they have for each other, cementing their bond even further.

Their love story began in 1988 when they first met while working on the TV show “Family Ties.” Tracy played the girlfriend of Michael’s character, and their professional partnership continued in the movie “Bright Lights, Big City,” which eventually led to their love blossoming. They tied the knot on July 16, 1988, and together they have four beautiful children: Sam, Aquinnah, Schuyler, and Esmé.

In 1991, Michael received devastating news – he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the young age of 29. This news could have shattered anyone, but with Tracy by his side, he found the strength to face the challenges head-on. Tracy became the rock he leaned on during the toughest times.

Looking back, Michael appreciates Tracy’s unwavering love and support. They have faced many uncertainties and difficulties caused by Parkinson’s, but Tracy’s constant presence and support have been invaluable.

As Michael shared in an interview, at the moment of his diagnosis, Tracy didn’t blink. Her steady support became their foundation amidst the storm.

Their relationship thrives because of their ability to listen, be there for each other, and give each other space when needed. Tracy believes that their success lies in really understanding one another and being present for each other.

Michael recognizes Tracy’s incredible role in their family, acknowledging that she gives them everything they need. They have truly cultivated a strong and understanding love.

In 2021, Michael announced his retirement from acting due to the increasing challenges posed by Parkinson’s disease. But he remains determined and resilient. He may not be acting, but he channels his energy into making a difference through the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

This foundation, the largest nonprofit contributor to Parkinson’s disease research, has raised over $1 billion for research projects. Michael’s commitment to finding a cure and improving treatments for Parkinson’s is unwavering.

As we celebrate their 35th anniversary, we are reminded of the enduring love and strength that Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan share. Their love story is inspiring and reminds us of the power of love, support, and unwavering commitment. Here’s to many more years of love and happiness for this extraordinary couple.