The Shocking Inheritance Story Shared on Reddit’s r/AITA Subreddit

It was a shocking revelation for the children when they discovered that their mother had chosen to give their father’s inheritance to a complete stranger. The story unfolded on Reddit’s r/AITA subreddit, where the mother, known by her username u/Positive-Purple-487, opened up about her decision.

In her post, she explained that she had been married to her husband for twenty years before he tragically lost his battle to cancer. The mother, sharing her side of the story, recounted that her husband had two children from a previous marriage.

At the time they got married, the children were in their teenage years, and she herself had a seven-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. She emphasized that the couple had their hands full with children, as she put it.

Despite her best efforts to build a family with her husband’s children, they never accepted her. She revealed that they treated her rudely and verbally attacked her whenever they had the chance.

The children believed she was only after their father’s money. However, the truth was quite different. As she explained, her own family was wealthier than her late husband, so she was actually living beneath her means.

The mother went on to disclose that she chose to be a stay-at-home mom in order to take care of her daughter. Financially, she was able to afford it, thanks to her own wealth.

She never relied on her husband’s money. Despite this, she never discussed her financial situation with her husband or his children. She wanted people to see and treat her for who she was, not for her wealth.

During her husband’s three-year battle with cancer, his children refused to stay with him. The mother shared that her daughter, then a 20-year-old waitress at a nearby cafe, did her best to help both her parents.

The mother and daughter would often visit the cafe, where they struck up a friendship with a single mother who worked there.

This single mother was attending community college at night while raising her two kids on her own. Upon learning of the husband’s cancer diagnosis, she stepped in to offer assistance whenever possible.

Following her husband’s passing, this kind-hearted waitress even helped with the funeral arrangements. It was during this time that the mother made a surprising decision regarding her husband’s inheritance. She learned that he had left her the house they shared, which was valued at $250,000. But instead of keeping it for herself, she gifted it to the single mother from the cafe.

When her daughter discovered this, she was upset that she didn’t receive anything from her father’s estate. The mother explained to her daughter that she already had her own mother’s money and that this house didn’t belong to her father alone.

As news of this decision spread, drama ensued between the mother, her late husband’s ex-wife, and their children. They were deeply unhappy with what she had done.

The story of u/Positive-Purple-487 resonated with many Redditors who believed that the mother’s decision was justified. They felt that the children did not deserve their father’s money, considering their disrespectful behavior towards their stepmother.

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