Off The Record

Mrs. Parks Asked Her Class A Very Unusual Question, But Her Response In The End Is Hilarious

In a bright and cozy 6th-grade classroom, the beloved Mrs. Parks, an enthusiastic science teacher, crafted a lesson unlike any other. With a mischievous spark in her eyes, she leaned forward and posed a rather peculiar question to her curious students.

She asked, “Now, class, can anyone tell me which part of the human body becomes ten times larger when stimulated?”

A wave of confusion washed over the room, leaving the young minds puzzled. This unexpected question caught them off guard, and they exchanged uncertain looks, unsure of what to say.

But then, brave Mary, well-known for her outspoken nature, stood up with determination. Addressing Mrs. Parks, she exclaimed, “Mrs. Parks, I don’t think sixth-graders should be asked questions like this! I’ll tell my parents, and they will definitely report this to the principal, who will have no choice but to let you go!”

Mrs. Parks, maintaining her composure and sporting a patient smile, calmly reiterated her question, “Class, can anyone tell me which body part enlarges ten times when stimulated?”

Mary’s eyes widened in disbelief as Mrs. Parks continued to pursue this unusual line of inquiry. Whispers of scandal and concern filled the air as Mary turned to her classmates and whispered, “Oh my, she’s going to get into so much trouble!”

Undeterred by the commotion and her determination to impart knowledge, Mrs. Parks addressed the class once again, encouraging them to give it a shot. “Anyone?” she asked, her voice filled with warmth and anticipation.

Silence hung heavy in the room as the students hesitated, fearing the consequences of another misunderstanding. They clung to their silence, unwilling to step into unknown territory.

But then, there was Billy. Shy and diligent, he had always excelled in Mrs. Parks’ class. Slowly, he stood up, his cheeks flushed with nervousness. With a trembling voice, he stuttered, “The body part that enlarges ten times when stimulated is the pupil of the eye.”

A collective sigh of relief swept through the classroom, accompanied by relieved smiles. Mrs. Parks beamed with pride and acknowledged Billy’s contribution with a warm smile. “Very well done, Billy,” she praised.