Have you ever been in a situation where you feel taken advantage of? Well, that’s exactly how this woman felt when her boyfriend conveniently “forgot” his credit card every time they went out to eat. She shared her frustration on Reddit and asked if her reaction was justified.

The woman explained that her boyfriend’s children loved eating at restaurants, so they would go out together once a week. However, each time they went out to eat, her boyfriend would conveniently “forget” his card at home, leaving her to foot the bill.

At first, it didn’t bother her much. But as time went on, she realized that she had been paying for dinner way too often and it was starting to leave her broke. One night, after just receiving her payment from her second part-time job, they were going out for dinner with the children again.

Knowing his habit of “forgetting” his wallet, she sent him a text reminding him to bring it. However, her boyfriend brushed off the reminder and laughed it off. When they arrived at the restaurant, the children started ordering expensive items from the menu.

Before they began eating, the woman asked her boyfriend about his wallet to make sure he had remembered it this time.

To her dismay, he looked shocked and began patting his pockets, searching for his wallet. After a while, he shamefully admitted that he had left it in another pair of jeans he thought he was going to wear.

That was the tipping point for the woman. She had had enough. Grabbing her things, she was ready to leave the restaurant without even having a chance to eat.

Her boyfriend demanded to know what she was doing and where she was going. She told him she was not going to pay for him and his children again and walked out.

Later, her boyfriend called her and accused her of being selfish for leaving him and his children in that situation. But she stood her ground and explained that she could no longer afford to pay for them every time they went on a date.

The man yelled at her, saying she showed no sympathy for him and his children and that he had to cancel their food order and take the kids home hungry because he couldn’t afford their meals.

To gain some perspective, the woman turned to Reddit and shared her experience. Netizens chimed in, giving their thoughts on the situation. Many empathized with her, understanding the frustration of constantly being the one to pay.

They highlighted that it was unfair for her boyfriend to consistently “forget” his wallet, especially when they had made plans to eat out with the children.

Some commenters advised her to have a serious talk with her boyfriend about their financial situation and the expectations they both had for their relationship. They suggested discussing alternative ways to handle the bills, such as splitting the cost or taking turns paying.

Others proposed that she should establish boundaries and refuse to pay for him and his children unless it’s a special occasion or an agreed-upon arrangement. It was important for her to prioritize her own financial well-being and not feel obligated to cover the expenses every time they dined out.

In any relationship, it’s crucial to establish open and honest communication about expectations and boundaries. This is especially important when it comes to financial matters. Couples should openly discuss their financial situations, including income, expenses, and individual responsibilities.

In this case, it was clear that the woman had allowed her boyfriend to take advantage of her generosity for far too long. By setting boundaries and expressing her concerns, she was able to stand up for herself and prioritize her own financial well-being.

It’s important to remember that a healthy relationship is built on mutual respect and consideration for each other’s needs. Both partners should bear the responsibility of managing their financial obligations and finding a fair way to share expenses.

In this story, the woman found herself constantly paying for her boyfriend and his children whenever they went out to eat. Feeling taken advantage of, she finally reached her breaking point and decided she couldn’t continue to bear the financial burden alone.

When she sought advice on Reddit, the majority of commenters agreed that her reaction was justified. They encouraged her to communicate her concerns and establish boundaries in her relationship. It’s essential to set expectations early on and find a balanced approach to managing expenses as a couple.

Remember, it’s important to prioritize your financial well-being and not let anyone take advantage of your generosity. Open and honest communication is key to maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship.