Sad Daughter

When Dani realizes that her marriage with Nathan is on the rocks, she hopes that his new job opportunity will bring them the fresh start they desperately need. But as they move to a new city, Dani begins to uncover the truth about Nathan’s betrayal.

Dani and Nathan had been married for nine years, having tied the knot just after high school. They believed that they would grow together and build their careers as a team.

Initially, Nathan seemed to keep his promises and their marriage appeared to be loving and solid. They welcomed their daughter Ellie two years into their marriage, and she became the light of their lives.

However, over the past few years, Dani noticed their marriage slowly crumbling. Nathan started criticizing her appearance and made hurtful comments about her clothes, making her feel insecure and unattractive.

He also accused her of not being a good enough mother, despite her working from home and always being there for Ellie. These constant criticisms drove a wedge between them, and Dani eventually withdrew from arguments, tired of the constant fighting.

Things took a surprising turn when Nathan suddenly became more agreeable and pleasant. Dani attributed it to his new job offer in another city and the hope for a fresh start. They decided to make the move, believing that a change of scenery would bring them closer and improve their relationship. Nathan even researched and enrolled Ellie in a new school, ensuring everything was in order.

However, shortly after Ellie started her new school, Dani noticed a change in her behavior. She would come home upset and refuse to talk about what happened at school. Alarmed, Dani found Ellie crying in her room one day. When she asked what happened, Ellie tearfully revealed that she didn’t want Miss Allen, her teacher, to be her mother. Confused and concerned, Dani pressed for an explanation.

Ellie explained that the previous day, when Nathan picked her up from school, Miss Allen told Ellie to wait by the door while she talked to Nathan. Ellie overheard part of their conversation, and Miss Allen mentioned becoming a better mom to Ellie. Shockingly, Nathan laughed at the suggestion. This revelation struck Dani like a bolt of lightning.

Realizing that her husband was having an affair, Dani confronted Nathan that evening. After ensuring Ellie was asleep, she confronted him about Miss Allen and the affair. Nathan’s guilt was evident as he confessed to the affair, admitting that it had started before they even moved. He had broken it off when the new job opportunity arose, but soon started seeing Miss Allen again. Ellie had unknowingly overheard their conversation about Miss Allen becoming her new mother.

The next day, Dani confronted Miss Allen about the affair, but she denied everything. Determined to protect Ellie from being caught in the middle of her father’s infidelity, Dani transferred her to another school. The divorce became inevitable, and while it was painful, Dani felt a sense of relief. Nathan had destroyed their relationship long ago, and it was time to officially end their marriage.

Months have passed since the divorce, and Dani’s focus is solely on Ellie. She assures her daughter every day that she is loved unconditionally. Ellie has moved on from the painful experience with Miss Allen and found a new teacher whom she adores. Nathan is allowed to visit Ellie, but Dani remains committed to providing a stable and loving environment for their daughter, as she is the most important aspect of their lives.

In conclusion, Dani’s journey through a failing marriage, discovering her husband’s affair, and ultimately divorcing him was a painful but necessary step to protect both herself and her daughter. Through it all, Dani remains committed to being the best mother she can be, providing Ellie with love and stability.