Paris Jackson Just Turned 25—Reveals How Michael Jackson Actually Was As A Father

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the legendary musician Michael Jackson, recently talked about her experience growing up with her father, who was known as the “King of Pop.” Paris, who has been in the public eye since she was young, is now pursuing her own music career. Despite the challenges she has faced, she has decided to share her insights about her father and their relationship.

Michael Jackson: The “King of Pop”

Michael Jackson, aptly nicknamed the “King of Pop,” was a musical genius whose talent was unparalleled. However, his personal life was not as glamorous as his music. From a young age, Michael had a difficult home life, with a controlling father and strict discipline.

Regardless of his troubled past, Michael’s talent as a performer, vocalist, and composer was undeniable. His tragic passing in 2009 was mourned by fans all over the world. The media followed him relentlessly throughout his life, and even after his death, stories about him and his family continued to surface.

Paris Jackson: A Life in the Spotlight

As the daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris has been in the public eye from a young age. However, she is now focused on establishing her own identity, separate from her father’s legacy. Despite facing mental health challenges, Paris is doing well and is determined to create her own path.

Paris’s Upbringing and Her Father’s Influence

Born in California on April 3, 1998, Paris spent her childhood in relative seclusion. Homeschooled until sixth grade, Paris and her siblings had a limited public presence, often wearing costumes or hiding their faces in photos. They lived on the Neverland Ranch, which provided unique opportunities but also had its difficulties.

In an interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell, Paris talks about her upbringing and how her father influenced her. She recalls her father exposing her to different cultures and experiences, ensuring her education went beyond the glitz and glamor of their privileged lifestyle. Paris and her siblings were able to see the world in all its diversity, including third world countries.

Early Loss and Continuing the Legacy

Tragically, Paris’s father passed away when she was just 11 years old. She spoke at his memorial service, expressing her love for him. Paris and her brothers had their first public appearance at the Grammy Awards in 2010 when they accepted their father’s posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award.

After her father’s death, Paris and her grandmother Katherine Jackson moved to a mansion in Calabasas, California. Paris’s father had a private studio at their new home, which later became her living space during her late teenage years. Losing her father at such a young age added pressure to continue his work and legacy.

Finding Her Own Path

As Paris entered her teenage years, she faced personal struggles, including cyberbullying. She attended a therapeutic boarding school in Utah, which had a positive impact on her mental health. Paris emphasizes the importance of earning things for oneself, a lesson she learned from her father.

Despite growing up in the shadow of her father’s fame, Paris has pursued her own interests. She found success in modeling and has graced the covers of high-profile publications. Paris’s first album, “Wilted,” was released in 2020, showcasing her own musical style influenced by her father’s diverse musical tastes.

Remembering Her Father

Paris has learned to live with the tragedy of her father’s death but believes she will never truly be alone. She often dreams of him and feels his presence in her life. Paris’s experiences are unique, but many can empathize with the loss of a parent and the challenges it brings.

Now, as Paris continues her own journey, free from constant media scrutiny, let’s celebrate her resilience and determination. Paris Jackson is an inspiring role model, carving her own path while honoring her father’s legacy.