Pauley Perrette, Former "NCIS" Star, Shares Emotional Journey After Massive Stroke

Pauley Perrette, known for her role as Abby Sciuto on the hit show "NCIS," recently shared a deeply personal statement with her fans following a life-altering event. After leaving the crime investigation realm behind, the 52-year-old actress now focuses on stand-up comedy and charitable work for both humans and animals. But a year ago, Perrette faced a near-death experience when she suffered a "massive" stroke.

For 15 seasons, Perrette captivated audiences with her portrayal of Abby Sciuto on "NCIS." However, she left the show in a heated manner, and since then, she has embraced her passion for comedy. With past appearances in popular shows like "Frasier" and "The Drew Carey Show," Perrette’s return to comedy was an ideal opportunity to bring laughter back into her life.

"It’s such a weird time for everyone," Perrette shared in an interview with USA Today. "Our show is my favorite that I’ve ever produced because it’s so funny, lovely, and amazing, so I was already quite thrilled about people watching it. But right now, I’m genuinely thrilled in a different manner. People, in my opinion, require this now. In times like these, when your job is specifically to make people happy, that’s a great job. It really makes people happy."

On September 2nd, Perrette made a terrifying revelation on Twitter. She confessed that she had experienced a potentially fatal stroke the previous year. Sharing her journey as a survivor, Perrette expressed gratitude for overcoming the odds despite the hardships she had faced losing dear family members and friends before the medical event.

"I’ve been through situations that are harder than having a stroke in the last two years. But I’m grateful that I’m still here. And I’d like to express my gratitude to my pals," Perrette wrote, expressing her appreciation. "I’m grateful. Godspeed to everyone. I remain here."

In an interview with Entertainment Now, Perrette recounted the horrifying moment she suffered her stroke. Waking up, she felt the entire right side of her body completely numb. This alarming experience prompted her to seek medical attention urgently. Initially, Perrette was reluctant to heed her doctor’s advice and requested an appointment with her therapist, a neurologist. However, upon realizing the severity of her symptoms, the doctor insisted she head to the emergency room immediately.

"I entered the emergency room and stated, ‘Hey, I can’t feel the right side of my body and…’ BAM! OMG! I was on a trolley with a million things stuck in my arms and a group of medical staff taking me somewhere. They are aware of how deadly a stroke is and how crucial it is to receive immediate care," Perrette recounted the urgency of her situation.

One year later, Pauley Perrette is happily doing extremely well. In an interview with People, she shared her desire to raise awareness about strokes and emphasize that anyone, regardless of age, can be at risk. She also encouraged everyone to educate themselves on the symptoms of a stroke and the importance of seeking prompt medical attention.

"I am doing terrific and am really healthy now," Perrette said. "I want to thank everyone for their concern and take this moment to truly plead with everyone to educate themselves on the symptoms of a stroke and the need for seeking quick medical attention."

Perrette’s experience has taught her that strokes can happen at any age, even affecting teenagers. By sharing her story, she hopes to create awareness and ensure that others have the information they need to potentially save lives.