As we go through life, we come across many objects that make us wonder about their purpose. Sometimes, these objects are so mysterious that we have no clue what they were used for.

Luckily, the internet is home to communities like Reddit, where people can turn to for answers. In this article, we will explore 10 popular yet confusing objects that people have discovered and the unexpected answers they received. Get ready to be amazed!

1. The Wooden Box that Teaches Colors

Colorful slats in a Wooden Box

Have you ever come across a wooden box filled with colorful slats? At first, it may seem like a mystery, but fear not. These boxes are actually Montessori toys designed to teach children about colors and improve their matching skills. Each box contains 22 slats in 11 different colors, with a matching piece for each color. So next time you stumble upon one of these boxes, you’ll know exactly what they’re for!

2. Mystery Items that Are Not So Mysterious

Explosive on a Wood Plank

Imagine finding a strange, old piece of equipment and having no idea what it is. Well, that’s exactly what happened to someone in Montreal, Canada. They turned to Reddit for answers, and the shocking response was that the object in question was an unexploded artillery round! Thankfully, the authorities were called in to dispose of it safely. It just goes to show that sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

3. The Tale of the Tiny Metal Spoon

Tiny spoon in hand. Tire in background

A tiny metal spoon may not seem like much, but it can serve a variety of purposes. People on Reddit had mixed responses when someone posted a picture of this miniature utensil. Some joked about its origins, while others offered more practical explanations. It turns out that this tiny spoon can be used for cleaning out ear wax or getting dirt from under your fingernails. Who would have thought?

4. The Hidden Purpose of an Odd Little Building

Brick structure, traffic sign and a power line

In Kerry, Ireland, there’s a tall brick building that may seem useless at first glance. However, it’s actually part of the railway infrastructure and used to store water for refilling tanks and tenders. Similar structures can be found worldwide, especially along old or still-in-use railway tracks. It’s amazing how something that appears insignificant can actually play a crucial role in our history.

5. The Mystery of Extra Durable Pillow Case Zippers

Have you ever stayed in a hotel and noticed strange security tags on the zippers of your pillowcases? These mysterious tags are actually heavy-duty zippers designed to keep bed bugs away. They prevent the pests from laying eggs and reproducing inside common hotel items like couch cushions or pillows. So the next time you see one, rest assured that your hotel is taking extra precautions to keep you bug-free!

6. The Unpleasant Truth about Bizarre Metal Objects

Hand holding one of the mystery items

A strange metal object found in a grandmother’s basement can be quite puzzling. Some may even mistake it for a torture device. But fear not, it’s not for humans. These odd objects were actually used for milking cows. While the details may not be pleasant, let’s just say they served a practical purpose on the farm.

7. The Egg Cutter that Looks Like a Torture Device

Hand holding one of the mystery items

Don’t be fooled by its menacing appearance, the egg cutter is actually a handy kitchen tool. It was designed to break eggshells easily, allowing people to enjoy a soft-boiled egg without making a mess. So next time you feel like having a perfectly boiled egg, reach for this misunderstood device and make your breakfast experience a breeze.

8. The Mystery Items that Resemble Something Else

Plumb bob with a brick wall background

Sometimes, we come across objects that resemble something familiar but have a completely different purpose. Take, for example, the item that looks like a top or a pendulum. In reality, it’s a “plumb bob” used to measure depth or height. Our eyes can play tricks on us, but the true purpose of an object is always waiting to be discovered.

9. The Surprising Reason behind Poorly Laid Bricks

Brick wall with outcropping

Have you ever noticed bricks protruding from a wall in an irregular pattern? It may seem like a mistake in craftsmanship, but it’s actually intentional. These outcroppings are meant to be drain spouts, absorbing water from roofs and preventing damage to the structure. It just goes to show that sometimes imperfections have a purpose.

10. The Match Pin with a Hidden Secret

Match pin

Back in the day when lighters weren’t as common, people had to get creative with ways to light their cigarettes or candles. One such invention was the match pin. It’s a pin that could be attached to your shirt and also held a match. Talk about convenience! While we may not need match pins anymore, it’s fascinating to see how people found solutions to everyday problems in the past.

Throughout history, people have invented countless objects to make their lives easier. Some of these objects have become obsolete, while others have stood the test of time. But regardless of their purpose, these mystery items continue to fascinate us. So the next time you stumble upon an old artifact, take a moment to appreciate the ingenuity of our ancestors. You never know what fascinating story lies behind it.