Do you remember the game show “The Price is Right”? Well, on a recent episode, the price was almost right! Host Drew Carey was left completely shocked when one of the contestants made the “best Showcase bid in the history of the show.”

'Price is Right' contestant stuns Drew Carey with 'best Showcase bid in the history of the show'

The contestant, Patrice Masse from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, had made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown. He placed an extraordinary bid of $39,500 on a prize package that included a trip to Miami and a brand new car.

As the moment of truth arrived and the actual value of the prize package was revealed, everyone held their breath. Drew Carey, the host, was left utterly speechless. The prize package was valued at $39,501, and Patrice’s bid was just $1 off!

Patrice’s incredible guess meant that he not only won the prize package but also became one of the show’s rare Double Showcase Winners. According to the rules, any contestant who comes within $250 of the actual value without going over wins both showcases. This outstanding win will surely go down as one of the best in the history of game shows!

Congratulations, Patrice, on your amazing win! It’s moments like these that make us love “The Price is Right” even more.

Watch the incredible moment here:

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