More than two months have passed since Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis, and updates have been scarce. The royal family has remained largely silent about Kate’s condition and her response to the preventative chemotherapy. However, we finally have some news.

This week, Prince William provided an update on Kate’s health, one of the rare instances a family member has mentioned her this year.

William attended an event marking the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

“An honor to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day this week, starting today in Portsmouth. We owe our freedom to the incredible bravery of the Allied veterans – thank you, heroes,” read a joint Instagram post from Will and Kate’s account, as well as King Charles’ account.

During the event, William spoke about Kate. When a World War II veteran in Portsmouth asked if Kate was “getting any better,” he replied, “She is getting better, yes. She would have loved to be here today.”

William also shared a personal connection between Kate’s family and D-Day. According to Glamour, he told veteran Geoffrey Weaving that Kate had learned her grandmother served at Bletchley Park, but only discovered this late in her grandmother’s life.

“I was reminding everyone how her grandmother served at Bletchley, so she had quite a bit in common with some of the ladies here who were at Bletchley,” he said. “They never spoke about anything until the very end — it was all very secret.”

It might be some time before Kate returns to public life. A royal source informed Us Weekly that Kate and her team are reevaluating her future role and responsibilities.

“She may never return to her previous role,” the source said, adding that Will and Kate have been “reconnecting and are closer than ever.”