Meet Betty Brussel, the 99-Year-Old Swimming Sensation!

If you think you’re too old to achieve amazing things, then you haven’t met Betty Brussel. At the incredible age of 99, Betty has proven that age is just a number by breaking not one, not two, but three amateur swimming world records!

On Saturday, January 20, Betty attended the Victoria Masters Swim Club Meet at the Commonwealth Pool in Saanich, British Columbia. In the 100 to 104-year-old age category, she participated in three events: the 50-meter backstroke, the 50-meter breaststroke, and the 400-meter freestyle. And guess what? She emerged as the reigning champion in all three events, beating her younger competitors!

An Inspiring Journey

Betty’s journey to swimming success is truly remarkable. She didn’t even start competitive swimming until she was in her 60s, and now, in her late 90s, she has achieved something truly incredible. But it hasn’t been an easy road for Betty.

In her 70s, Betty experienced a heart attack and received a pacemaker. Yet, despite this setback, she continued to pursue her passion for swimming. Now, she has broken multiple world records, proving that determination and love for what you do can overcome any obstacle.

“I love being in a pool and gliding through the water,” Betty shared with the Globe and Mail. “I feel better when I get out than when I go in. Swimming is my love. It makes me forget all of my worries, and I feel great.” !

Record-Breaking Triumphs

Betty’s stellar performance at the Victoria Masters Swim Club Meet is nothing short of incredible. In the 50-meter backstroke, she finished with a time of 1:24.91, nearly five seconds faster than the previous record. Then, in the 400-meter freestyle, she shattered the previous record of 16:36.80 by completing the race in just 12:50.03! And if that wasn’t enough, she also set a brand new record for the 50-meter breaststroke with a time of 1:56.22.

“I was surprised by my own swims yesterday,” Betty humbly shared. “I gave it my all; I never give up. It was wonderful. It was like being in a movie. I was totally overwhelmed by everybody’s support.”

A Documentary in the Making

Betty’s incredible achievements have caught the attention of award-winning filmmakers, Hannah Walsh, and Emma Puchniak. They are currently in talks about creating a documentary to showcase Betty’s extraordinary journey. If all goes according to plan, the documentary could be released in about a year, allowing audiences to be inspired by Betty’s incredible story.

But for Betty, winning and setting records have never been the most important things. “I like to win, but records have never been the most important thing to me,” she shared. “If somebody else wins, I am happy for them.” Her humble and gracious attitude is a testament to her character and adds to her appeal as an inspiration to others.

Age Is Just a Number

Betty Brussel’s success story is a shining example of how age is just a number. She proves that with determination, passion, and a positive mindset, we can achieve extraordinary things, regardless of our age. Betty’s love for swimming has brought her joy, purpose, and a sense of fulfillment, reminding us all to pursue what we love and enjoy every moment of life.

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As Betty puts it, “I live life every day and enjoy it. I feel very fortunate to do what I do.”