There are many articles about the absorbent virtues of salt to fight against humidity, it would immediately be tempting to think that under the radiator, salt will have more or less the same role. But it is not like that, because salt, as we talk about it in this article, is an effective means of cleaning energy.

Feng Shui is an ancient art whose purpose is to harmonize the environmental energy of a place and promote the well-being of its occupants. This is why it is important to put a glass of salt in certain places in your house to purify it.

How does salt enable energetic cleansing?
According to Feng Shui, purifying a place of forces and negative energies that exist is as important as removing dust or cleaning it. Indeed, without realizing it, the atmosphere of a house can be hampered by negative impressions. In our homes, sometimes we tell the worst and the best life experiences. Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese art, harmonizes the energy of the environment, called chi, to make way for positive waves.

After a hard day or an event likely to attract bad vibrations, it is necessary to purify the energy in our space and there are several ways to do this. When the atmosphere seems heavy to you, if you have difficulty falling asleep after a series of events, use coarse salt to purify the energy of this environment and rebalance it.

Place a glass of salt under the radiator, under your bed and in any corner of your home or office, the salt absorbs all harmful energies, whether they are recent or old.

Other energetic cleaning tips
Energy cleansing helps to let go of the past. In a way, even those who are not aware of the existence of Feng Shui are already practicing this ancient art without knowing it. When tidying up, the simple fact of getting rid of objects that are no longer used is already Feng Shui, because each object is likely to carry a positive or negative message. Besides salt, you can eliminate bad energies with sage, white vinegar or cinnamon:

White sage for energetic cleansing
This is the classic method. Burn it in every corner of the house. It is a technique that works to purify the energy of a place.

White vinegar for a good energetic cleaning
White vinegar repels bad vibes. It is effective in cleaning energies. Fill a bucket with water and add a glass of white vinegar to clean the whole house.

Cinnamon for an energetic cleaning
It opens access to emotions and harmony. Boil the cinnamon sticks in enough water to put in a bucket and after the water has cooled, use it to clean the whole house. In addition, your home will be perfumed with a subtle and pleasant fragrance.

Energy clearings bring harmony and peace to your home and your mind. Do them as many times as needed.