Adding aspirin to your laundry can do wonders!

Despite using top-notch laundry detergents and advanced wash cycles on contemporary washing machines, maintaining the pristine whiteness of clothes remains a challenge. However, there’s a solution in the form of aspirin, which you likely already have in your medicine cabinet!

It sounds weird, but it works!


Despite using laundry detergents that guarantee pristine white results, it’s challenging to prevent greyish patches and yellowed underarms. Over time, white garments often lose their brightness.

So, how can you reverse this? The solution is straightforward, using a common item most have in their medicine cabinet. Just five aspirin tablets, each 325 milligrams, can restore the brilliant white of your laundry.


Dissolve the tablets in a spacious bowl or tub filled with hot water. Ensure that the aspirin fully dissolves by stirring the mixture. For quicker dissolution, you can crush the tablets before adding them to the water.

Submerge the faded white garments in this aspirin solution and let them soak for eight hours. While you can add aspirin directly to the washing machine, pre-soaking tends to yield better results. After the soaking period, wash the garments in the washing machine as you usually would.

Interested in preserving the vibrancy of dark and colored garments?

t’s a common frustration: you invest in a beautiful piece of clothing, and within a month, it begins to fade. And those black garments that turn grey all too quickly? Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to address this issue. Just grab some black pepper!

Discoloured clothes

Seeing faded clothes is genuinely disheartening, particularly since replacing them can be costly. It often feels like a never-ending cycle: your clothes lose their vibrancy, leading you to buy new ones, and then the cycle repeats. But there’s a simple hack to combat this! By adding some black pepper to your washing machine, your garments can regain their brightness and color. It’s time to bid farewell to faded outfits!


Here’s the method: Start by placing your faded clothes in the washing machine and include your regular laundry detergent. Next, sprinkle a teaspoon of black pepper into the drum.

Opt for a cold wash cycle. You’ll find your garments emerging in their authentic hues. What’s the science behind it? Accumulated soap residues often cause clothes to lose their vibrancy. The coarse nature of black pepper ensures that these residues don’t cling to the fabrics. As a result, not only do your clothes retain their original brightness, but their colors also remain unchanged.