In these challenging times for the British royalty, Queen Camilla has taken on significant responsibilities, stepping up to fulfill tasks typically carried out by her husband, King Charles.

Over the years, Queen Camilla has worked hard to become a beloved member of the royal family. Despite facing initial backlash and criticism due to her affair with Prince Charles, she has proven herself to be a strong and supportive figure.

Recently, Queen Camilla has been receiving criticism from Harry and Meghan. In his book, Harry expressed his initial concerns about Camilla becoming a “wicked stepmother” when his father married her.

However, Camilla isn’t the only one who has faced criticism from the Sussexes; Kate Middleton has also been targeted.

Royal expert Angela Levin spoke highly of Queen Camilla and the role she has taken upon herself. In an appearance on GB News, Levin mentioned how Queen Camilla is “holding the royal family up” and supporting King Charles in his duties.

Camilla attends all the engagements that they would have gone to together, ensuring that the monarchy continues to run smoothly.

Levin praised Queen Camilla’s strength, highlighting the fact that many people believed the royal family would disintegrate years ago. However, Camilla has proved them wrong by being a pillar of support for the family. Despite her reluctance to be in the spotlight, she is doing an excellent job connecting with the public.

One of Queen Camilla’s notable qualities is her unwavering support for Kate Middleton. During the time when Kate was away from the public eye due to her planned abdominal surgery, Camilla offered her support. Camilla understands the challenges of dealing with a difficult press and navigating media storms, as she has experienced it firsthand.

The queen’s supportive role in this troublesome time has not gone unnoticed. Charles Rae, a former royal correspondent, commended Queen Camilla for her dedication to supporting King Charles and Kate Middleton. He described her as a “remarkable asset” and one of the best things to happen to the Royal Family in recent years.

Despite initially being widely disliked, Queen Camilla has managed to win the hearts of many. Rae remembered a time when she was the most hated woman in Britain, but today, she is regarded as charming, witty, and genuinely interested in connecting with people.

Camilla’s welcoming nature was evident from the moment Kate Middleton joined the royal family. She made efforts to foster a relationship with Kate, extending invitations to lunch and providing support during difficult times.

Camilla’s gestures have not gone unnoticed, and she has been a valuable source of guidance for Kate as she navigates her role within the family.

Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton have similar approaches to supporting their husbands, and this similarity has been duly noted. They both possess a stoic and supportive nature, standing by their partners through thick and thin. It is this temperament that makes them great partners and invaluable assets to the monarchy.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate Kate Middleton’s return to her royal duties. We hope to see her back in action, representing the British royalty with her grace and charm. As we await her comeback, let us continue to support and appreciate Queen Camilla for her unwavering dedication to the royal family.

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