Remembrance of Reba McEntire’s Beloved Band Members

Reba McEntire, the legendary country music superstar, not only mesmerized audiences with her powerful vocals, but also led a band that was like a musical family. Through the highs and lows of her iconic career, Reba’s band has seen its fair share of changes, and tragically, many of its members have left us, leaving behind a void in the world of country music.

One such beloved member was Terry Jackson, a skilled bassist whose contributions were instrumental in creating Reba’s unique sound. With his warm stage presence and incredible talent, Terry became a fan favorite. However, his untimely passing in 1991 was a somber moment that deeply affected the entire country music community.

Another unforgettable member was guitarist Chris Austin, whose exceptional skills on the guitar were matched only by his close friendship with Reba. Tragically, Chris, along with several other band members, lost his life in a plane crash on March 16, 1991. Their departure left behind an irreplaceable void that still echoes through the hearts of fans and fellow musicians.

And who could forget the immensely talented and versatile keyboardist, Joey Cigainero? His contributions to Reba’s band were invaluable, bringing melodic richness to her songs. The sudden loss of Joey in 2010 was a heartbreaking moment for fans and the entire music community.

These are just a few of the band members who have passed away, but their legacy lives on through the timeless music they helped create alongside Reba McEntire. Each of them played a significant role in shaping the country music landscape, and their contributions will always be remembered with love and gratitude.

As we remember Reba McEntire’s band members who have left us, it serves as a poignant reminder that their music continues to touch the hearts of fans worldwide. Their spirits live on through the melodies that have become an enduring part of country music history. Let’s take a moment to celebrate their incredible talent and the lasting impact they have made.

About her life:

McEntire was born in McAlester, Oklahoma, in 1955[8] but was raised on a ranch in Chockie, Oklahoma.[9][10] She was the third of four children born to Clark (1927–2014) and Jacqueline McEntire (1926–2020).[11] Her grandfather, John Wesley McEntire, was a world-champion steer roper in 1934, while her father held the same title three times (1957, 1958 and 1961).[12] Jacqueline McEntire had aspirations of becoming a country singer,[11] but instead became a public school teacher, librarian and secretary.[13] While her mother was tender and loving, her father had trouble showing affection. “When we were growing up I used to regret that Daddy never told us that he loved us,” she recalled in her autobiography.[14] The McEntire family owned a cattle ranch in Chockie. Each family member contributed to running the cattle operation. The McEntire children helped with ranch chores before and after school. This included castrating bulls and giving them worm medicine.[15] The McEntire siblings also developed an interest in singing, which was encouraged by their mother. On car trips to their father’s rodeo dates, Jacqueline McEntire taught her children to sing in harmony with one another.[16] Young Reba then started performing at school, beginning in first grade when she sang “Away in a Manger” at an elementary school Christmas pageant. In fifth grade, she joined the 4-H club and won first place in the Junior Act Division for singing “My Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown”. She also played basketball and ran track. For several summers, she attended a basketball camp.[17] She also learned piano[18] and guitar.[19] She also developed an interest in the rodeo and trained to become a barrel racer.[