The British royal family typically refrains from disclosing personal health struggles publicly.

For instance, minimal information was provided regarding Princess Kate’s hospitalization in January, with the public only informed of a “planned abdominal surgery.”

However, a different scenario unfolds concerning King Charles III and his health. While it was previously announced that the King has cancer, sources are now divulging further details.

According to exclusive reports from In Touch, sources shed light on the King’s health, indicating a potentially brief reign.

Insiders speaking to In Touch revealed that details about the King’s health are known among royal staff, with pre-existing concerns about his well-being even before the diagnosis. They assert that King Charles is considerably sicker than officially acknowledged and may struggle to fulfill his responsibilities, including overseeing the family and managing the monarchy’s affairs.

On January 26, 2024, King Charles III underwent planned surgery for a benign enlarged prostate.

Subsequently, on February 5, the public was informed of his cancer diagnosis. The statement issued explained that the King has initiated regular treatments and has been advised to reduce public appearances temporarily while continuing his official duties.

Despite his diagnosis, the King has made occasional public appearances to dispel rumors and assure the public of his capability to fulfill his duties.

According to sources, the King is exploring various treatments to prolong his life, as he has been given a prognosis of only two years due to pancreatic cancer, which has become widely known among palace staff.

While adhering to medical advice, King Charles is also concerned about his son Prince William’s readiness to assume the throne upon his death, indicating ongoing worries about his legacy.