Frank Fritz, a TV star and presenter of “American Pickers,” has gone through a series of challenges in his personal and professional life. His journey has been marked by a traumatic split with his longtime partner, Diann Bankson, which led to difficulties such as drunkenness, job loss, and a health crisis.

A Rollercoaster Relationship

Frank Fritz met Diann Bankson when he was 25, and their relationship has been on and off throughout the years. In 2017, they got engaged and moved into their Iowa farmhouse the following year.

However, their relationship took a painful turn in November 2018 when Bankson discovered Fritz in bed with another woman. Fritz revealed in an exclusive interview that he was heartbroken and turned to drinking as a way to cope with the breakup. This led to weight loss and further challenges in his life.

A Bid to Return to “American Pickers”

Fritz’s troubles didn’t end there. After a long run on the History Channel’s “American Pickers,” he left the reality show following one episode in March 2020. He later underwent back surgery and expressed his desire to return to the show, stating that he had fully recovered and was ready to resume his role.

Unfortunately, the network has not provided him with a definitive statement on his future comeback. Despite receiving a call from a showrunner displaying interest, Fritz has not received any further communication. Reports suggest that the TV show has no plans to bring him back, despite being a regular cast member since 2010.

Moving On

While Fritz faced setbacks in both his personal and professional life, his ex-partner, Diann Bankson, has moved on. She has started dating Eric Longlett, an Engineering Administration Manager. Bankson has publicly expressed her happiness with her new partner, sharing moments together and celebrating special occasions, such as birthdays and concerts.

Health Crisis and Guardianship

In July 2022, Frank Fritz was hospitalized following a stroke. It was a serious incident, and he was found on the floor of his house by a friend. The stroke affected his speech and caused seizures, as mentioned in 911 calls from his Iowa farmhouse.

After being hospitalized, Fritz’s health did not improve, and he was eventually placed under care in a nursing facility. An emergency appointment of a temporary guardian and conservator was filed on his behalf and granted by the Iowa court.

Fritz’s longtime friend has been appointed as his guardian, responsible for decision-making, while a bank will serve as his conservator, overseeing his funds. The bank will handle expenses related to his care, including daily costs, health insurance, renovations, and property taxes. They will also ensure he has transportation for medical appointments and activities.

A care plan has been put in place to address Fritz’s living arrangements, healthcare needs, involvement in activities, and communication with loved ones. The guardian is obligated to provide an annual report on his wellbeing.

Ensuring Protection and Care

The court documents indicate that Fritz’s condition after the stroke rendered him unable to make rational decisions about his own interests, safety, and healthcare. Therefore, the appointment of a guardian and conservator was necessary to protect his well-being.

It is a challenging time for Frank Fritz, but with the support of his guardian and conservator, he will receive the care and attention required for his recovery.