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Nicolas Cage says he only has “three or four” more movies in his acting career. PHOTO: ROBIN L MARSHALL/GETTY

Nicolas Kim Coppola (born January 7, 1964), known by his stage name Nicolas Cage, is an American actor and film producer.

He is the recipient of various accolades, including an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe Award. Known for his versatility as an actor, his participation in various film genres have gained him a cult following.
Nicolas Cage is edging towards the finale of his acting journey.

Having enthralled audiences from his memorable role in “National Treasure” to his Academy Award-winning portrayal in “Leaving Las Vegas”, Cage has imprinted himself across diverse movie genres. Presently, he’s gearing up for his final appearances in cinema.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Cage, who will be celebrating his 60th birthday in January, shared insights about his impending retirement from Hollywood. “My plan is becoming more concrete,” he revealed.

Cage mentioned to the publication that he anticipates doing only a few more films. He feels that he has fully expressed himself through his cinematic works and pushed the boundaries of film acting to its limits.

“I aim to exit on a positive note,” Cage expressed to VF. Reflecting on his age and his father’s lifespan, he pondered, “With my dad passing at 75 and me nearing 60, I have to consider the best use of my next 15 years, if I’m fortunate to have them.”

Cage, who recently welcomed a daughter, August, with his wife Riko Shibata and has two sons, Weston and Kal-El, from previous relationships, concluded, “My focus is on spending time with my family.”

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Nicolas Cage in ‘National Treasure.’. EVERETT COLLECTION

As the Renfield star wraps up his film career, he is concerned with “not getting stuck,” he told VF.

Cage added that he wants to “explore the edge of screen performance.” He also expressed interest in a “switch” to the small screen, with a nod to Bryan Cranston’s five-season stint as Walter White in Breaking Bad.

“Maybe it’s time to look at the immersive streaming experience. I don’t know,” he told the magazine. “I have to look for the next step and I haven’t found it yet.”

Nicolas Cage as Dracula in Renfield, directed by Chris McKay.
Nicolas Cage as Dracula in 2023’s ‘Renfield.’. UNIVERSAL PICTURES

As he selects his final few projects, Cage — who has racked up over a hundred onscreen credits since his first role in the 1981’s The Best of Times, per IMDB — said he wants to be “more severe and stringent in my selection process.”

“But I want to look ahead,” he added. “I want to see what’s next.”

When asked about plans for his upcoming birthday, the star told the outlet he is “taking stock of what’s really important,” which includes reading “a book a week,” spending time with his daughter — and “maybe not [making] quite as many movies.”