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Food scraps, oils, grease, detergents… these are all elements that end up in your kitchen sink every day, making it dirty, smelly, and sometimes even clogged. Faced with all these problems, you often think of calling a plumber.

However, save money and first opt for a home solution that will quickly solve the problem. Drain pipes tend to get clogged often. But we don’t always have the specific products at hand.

However, when faced with such an obstacle, the drain pipe no longer allows water to pass through. And it’s very annoying since we can’t use the sink under these conditions. An unexpected solution? Salt. Find out how it will save your day!

Why is it a good idea to pour salt down the sink?

Regularly putting a spoonful of salt in the kitchen sink drain will greatly reduce the risk of clogging. It may surprise you, but salt is not only used to season your dishes and enhance the flavor of food.

It has remarkable cleaning properties that are especially useful for improving numerous household situations. Salt helps break down grease deposits, hair, and all the dirt residues that clog the sink, cleaning all the pipes in the process.

As a bonus, it also helps neutralize unpleasant odors emanating from the clogged drain. Rest assured, salt is safe, and this method will not damage your sink. If you have large, high-quality pipes, you don’t need to use salt daily.

It is sufficient to practice this method a few times a week, ideally at night. The next morning, your sink will be fully functional! Another remedy: if you find that the blockage is really stubborn, don’t hesitate to mix salt with baking soda and white vinegar.

This powerful trio will not only degrease the area and unclog the drain but also eliminate all unpleasant odors. To do this, mix a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of baking soda. Pour it all down the sink and add a cup of vinegar. Let it sit for a few hours. Then rinse with hot water. Your sink will be as good as new!

ATTENTION! Use pickling salt, not iodized salt.

Salt: a remarkable cleaning agent

Using salt as a cleaning product has many benefits in the home. On the one hand, it is a natural disinfectant that helps effectively eliminate bacteria and other harmful microbes.

On the other hand, salt is an excellent deodorizer that will be particularly useful for eliminating all kinds of unpleasant odors emanating from toilets. Makeup remover, disinfectant, whitening agent, and degreaser, you can rely on it to combat grease, stains, and embedded dirt in various elements.

What’s more, it doesn’t hurt that it is a very affordable and eco-friendly cleaning product. In other words, salt is an excellent alternative to expensive and harmful products for the environment.

Other unexpected uses for salt

Not only does it add flavor to your dishes, but it is also a valuable ally for household chores!

Degrease kitchen utensils

Pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils are often covered with layers of grease. You have to admit that the task is often tiring to achieve impeccable cleanliness. Fortunately, salt is there to make your life easier. Trust it to save you time and make cleaning easier.

Clean the interior of the washing machine and dishwasher

These two household appliances are essential at home. But over time and with wear, they tend to slow down and not work optimally. Therefore, regular maintenance is required to keep your clothes and dishes fresh.

This is where salt comes in handy: thanks to all its cleaning properties, it will make your devices shine. If you pour it into the washing machine tray, it will combat limescale deposits as well as residues in the internal pipes that hinder the correct functioning of your washing machine.

And if you pour a bit into the drum, then you will take care of the rubber elements and the entire interior of the machine. The same principle applies to the dishwasher: if you pour salt inside and run an empty cycle, you will be able to clean the pipes, the filter, and all the internal elements of the appliance effectively.

Dirt residues will no longer be relevant! With its versatile cleaning properties, salt proves to be a handy and affordable solution for various household tasks. So next time you come across a clogged sink or need to tackle grease and odors, reach for your trusty salt and watch the magic happen!