In the world of parenting, where dirty diapers are as common as cuddles, there’s a new concept that’s grabbing attention: asking babies for permission before changing their nappies. It’s an idea that has both sparked curiosity and controversy, leaving many scratching their heads in disbelief.

The advocate of this idea, Deanne Carson, a self-proclaimed authority on sexuality education, suggests that parents should start a conversation about consent from the very beginning of their child’s life. While it may sound unconventional, Carson argues that even infants can benefit from a culture of consent.

During an appearance on ABC, Carson shared her insights on instilling this concept in early childhood. She emphasized the importance of non-verbal cues, especially eye contact, in showing that a child’s opinion matters.

While newborns may not be able to respond verbally, Carson suggests that a moment of anticipation, coupled with non-verbal communication, can lay the foundation for a respectful relationship between parent and child.

However, as with any controversial idea, there are skeptics. Many question the practicality of seeking consent from a baby who can’t fully understand the situation. Some even jokingly point out the absurdity of expecting a verbal response from a newborn.

In the midst of this debate, another parenting guru, John Rosemond, adds his perspective by arguing against seemingly innocent acts like high-fiving children. According to Rosemond, such gestures undermine parental authority and respect, paving the way for a lack of discipline in the future.

In a world where every parenting decision seems to carry weight, these discussions shed light on the complexities of raising children.

From consent in diaper changes to the appropriateness of high-fives, every action and interaction plays a role in shaping the parent-child dynamic.

So, what’s the verdict? Are we overthinking parenting, or are these conversations vital for nurturing respectful relationships? Regardless, one thing remains clear: parenting is anything but simple. It’s a journey filled with surprises, challenges, and yes, even dirty diapers. But through it all, the quest for understanding and improvement never ends.