This year commemorates the 32nd year since the devastating plane crash that profoundly affected Reba McEntire and her music family.

On March 16, 1991, a tragic incident took the lives of eight cherished members of the acclaimed singer’s team, including bandmates and crew – all talented musicians and close friends.

McEntire shared her feelings on social media, acknowledging the indelible mark these individuals left on the music industry.

During a flight from San Diego to Indiana, the plane met with a tragic mishap when a wing struck a large rock on Otay Mountain.

While the majority of the crew embarked on an outing, Reba remained in the hotel with her husband Narvel and her stylist, as she wasn’t feeling well.

Sadly, Paula Kaye Evans, Terry Jackson, Chris Austin, Joey Cigainero, and Jim Hammon, the tour manager, were among those who lost their lives in the accident.

“Their passion for music and their incredible stage presence continue to inspire us all,” McEntire said in a tribute video posted to Instagram.

This presentation features a recording of the ensemble performing, serving as a moving tribute to their skill and unity.

Reba keeps the band’s memory alive by bringing up the subject at least once a year.

In a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey, she reflected on the tragic event and its immediate consequences. “When the news came, Narvel went to see our pilot who shared the heartbreaking details,” she remembered that somber moment.

Narvel returned to our hotel room in the early morning hours to relay that one of the planes had met with an accident. “Are they okay?” I asked. “I don’t believe so,” he replied.

I pressed on, “But you’re not certain?” He responded softly, “I don’t think so.” As we pay tribute to their lives, let’s always remember the significant impact these remarkable individuals had on Reba McEntire’s legacy and the musical world.

Reba Nell McEntire (born March 28, 1955), or simply Reba,[1][2] is an American country music singer and actress. Dubbed “the Queen of Country”,[3] she has sold more than 75 million records worldwide.[4] Since the 1970s, McEntire has placed over 100 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, 25 of which reached the number one spot.[5] She is an actress in films and television.[6] She starred in the television series Reba, which aired for six seasons. She also owns several businesses, including a clothing line.[7]

One of four children, McEntire was born and raised in Oklahoma. With her mother’s help, she and her siblings formed the Singing McEntires, which played at local events and recorded for a small label. McEntire later enrolled at Southeastern Oklahoma State University and studied to become a public school teacher. She also continued to occasionally perform and was heard singing at a rodeo event by country performer Red Steagall. Drawn to her singing voice, Steagall helped McEntire secure a country music recording contract with PolyGram/Mercury Records in 1975; she relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, with her mother that year.

Alan Eugene Jackson (born October 17, 1958) is an American singer-songwriter. He is known for performing a style widely regarded as “neotraditional country”, as well as penning many of his own songs. Jackson has recorded 21 studio albums, including two Christmas albums, and two gospel albums, as well as released three greatest-hits albums.