Primul semn că Prințesa Kate Middleton se vindecă de cancer. Gestul lui William spune totul, ce a făcut prințul - Playtech Știri

Kate Middleton is going through the most difficult period of her life, but it seems that things are looking up. The Princess of Wales is showing signs of healing, which can be seen in her husband’s behavior. Prince William’s gesture says it all, what decision he made.

Prince William, along with the entire royal family, is going through a difficult time after his wife, Kate Middleton, was diagnosed with cancer in March. Although he has made significant changes to his schedule to be with Kate and their three children, it seems that he is gradually coming back into the landscape.

After his absence from some important royal events, Prince William dedicated himself to supporting and caring for his wife during her treatment. Now, however, he planned his first trip, more than a month after his diagnosis.

He recently arranged to spend two days in Cornwall, which means Princess Kate will be home alone. Thus, we have reached speculations about the Duchess’s state of health, and the assumptions are as positive as possible.

A royal editor notes that the Prince’s decision to spend a night away from Kate can be interpreted as a positive sign of her health progressing. If he has the courage to leave it unattended, on his own, it means that the situation is not as serious as it was at the beginning.

“His desire to spend a night away from home is the best indicator so far that the Princess of Wales is on the right track, that she is on the mend,” a famous royal editor told the foreign press.

While Kate Middleton has asked the public for “time, space and privacy” while undergoing chemotherapy treatment, official information about her health has been scarce. He refused to talk about how things actually are, always being a discreet person.

This temporary retreat from the limelight surprised everyone, but it seems that Prince William is gradually returning to his royal activities. Even so, his concern for his wife is evident from his recent speeches and public appearances, being very careful when it comes to her.

Prince William continues his commitment to social and charitable causes. During his visit to Cornwall, he will stop at Nansledan, where an innovative housing project funded by the Duchy of Cornwall will be built, offering a solution to the problem of homelessness.

His visit to the Isles of Scilly will also mark his opportunity to connect with local communities and continue to fulfill his role as Duke of Cornwall. It is his first visit here since becoming duke, which is why he has planned everything very carefully and mobilized entire teams of people.