Steve Harvey’s Positive Outlook Amidst Unexpected TV Show Change

Steve Harvey, renowned comedian and TV host, recently found himself facing an unexpected change in his daytime TV show.

With NBC Universal’s decision to replace his program with Kelly Clarkson’s upcoming show, Steve expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the news was delivered. Despite the disappointment, Steve remains optimistic about the future.

“I thought it would’ve been nice of them to come to me — as being the only dude that’s survived [on daytime TV] for them for seven years — and say, ‘Steve, we’re thinking about doing this.’ But no, they just made an announcement. So when you do that, I gotta make announcements, too,” Steve shared, voicing his concerns at Variety’s Entertainment Summit.

Although unsure of his next move, Steve sees this as an opportunity for growth. While discussing his contingency plan, he added, “You can’t make announcements and not expect to have to hear one yourself. And so, I’m working. It’ll be something real cute.”

While Steve may face restrictions within the industry, he holds a strong belief that this change is part of a bigger plan. Reflecting on the situation, he said,

“These people that make these decisions at these networks and stuff, they don’t control my life. They control that little piece of section over there, I got the rest of it. God is in charge of me. So every door that closes for you in 2019, if you understand that that allows for an opportunity for another door to open.”

Steve finds solace in his faith and acknowledges that everything happens for a reason. He trusts that there is a purpose behind this shift and embraces God’s will. He confidently states, “Because the God I serve didn’t bring me this far to leave me. You tell me. Why would God lift you to the height that He got you to just to see you fall? That’s not the God we serve.”

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As Steve navigates this unexpected turn of events, he encourages his fans and supporters to stay positive and have faith in their own journeys. With his resilience and unwavering determination, Steve will undoubtedly overcome any obstacles that come his way.