In 2010, a significant transformation took place in the life of Cher’s child, Chastity. Chastity underwent surgery for sex reassignment and became Chaz.

This decision was not an easy one and had a profound impact on Chaz’s relationships, especially with his mother.

At first, Cher struggled to accept Chaz’s decision. It took time for her to understand and come to terms with the changes her child was going through. Gradually, as the mother and son worked on healing their bond, their relationship began to mend.

Today, it’s hard to imagine that Cher’s heir apparent was once a woman. Chaz has embraced his new identity and lives a fulfilling life. He doesn’t dwell on his past and is content with who he has become.

However, reactions from people vary. Some vehemently criticize Chaz’s choice, while others wholeheartedly support him. The internet is filled with a range of opinions.

Commentators write, “It’s a pity for Cher, I can imagine how hard it is for her because of this,” “Didn’t he think about his mother at all?”, “If this made her feel better, then that’s good,” “It’s his choice, we have no right to judge,” and “I feel sorry for his mother.”

It’s a divisive topic that sparks discussions and invites different perspectives. What do you think about Chaz’s journey?