It helps to think of Jesus’ miracles whenever we feel discouraged, because they remind us that nothing is impossible for God and that we can trust him to help us no matter how difficult our problem may seem.

The Bible is full of stories about the miracles of Jesus. There are many accounts of Jesus doing amazing deeds. Here are five of his most important miracles and how they can help us have hope in our daily lives.

Feeding the 5,000

In the feeding of the 5000, men, women and children followed Jesus to listen to the Word of God. Christ’s disciples wanted to send the people home when evening came, because they were in a place that was far from the cities and they could all starve. Instead of sending people home, Jesus multiplied “five loaves and two fish” and fed everyone.

The feeding of the multitude teaches us that God is faithful in providing for His children. We must look beyond our earthly resources and limitations. Trust that He can meet all our needs. Jesus not only gave his people physical food, but also fed their souls and spirits.

Calming the storm at sea

In this story, the disciples are gripped by fear because of a violent storm that begins around them. In the middle of the scary situation, Jesus wakes up from his sleep and commands the waves and winds to calm down. He also reprimanded his followers for having “little faith”.

Like the disciples of Jesus, we are sometimes vulnerable to our human weakness. During the storms of life, we may find ourselves faltering and failing. We fear and rely on earthly solutions instead of spiritual answers to solve our problems.

The miracle of Jesus on the sea reminds us to increase our faith in God. As long as we believe in God’s power and his steadfast love for us, we can withstand any storm and overcome the difficulties that appear in our lives.

The Resurrection of Lazarus

In the story of Lazarus, Jesus told his disciples that his dear friend Lazarus had died and that it was time to visit his tomb. In the midst of the grieving crowd and unbelieving people, Jesus called Lazarus and brought him back to life.

We live in a world full of death and suffering. People discriminate against each other. We destroy our body with excess alcohol, food, drugs and even work. Acts of terrorism annihilate entire cities and there are so many depressing realities.

However, the story of the resurrection of Lazarus reminds us that God has power over death and darkness. This miracle allows us to see that death is not the end and that there is more to life than pain and suffering, but true life can only come from God. We must surrender our lives to our Lord and have faith that He will give us eternal life.

Lord’s Supper

In the story of the Lord’s Supper, Jesus ate his last meal with his apostles. During this time he performed what could be the greatest miracle: He transformed the bread and wine into his body and blood.

This miracle is important because it shows us how Jesus gave life to all of us and that he is a servant not only to his apostles, but to all humanity. Therefore, there is no reason to feel alone or unloved in this world.

Jesus resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus is the most significant event in Christian history. After Jesus was crucified, his disciples were in deep shock and grief as their Master was arrested, tried and condemned. Their world turned upside down because of what happened. However, three days after the crucifixion, Jesus miraculously rose and lived again.

The miracle of Jesus’ resurrection is magnificent in many ways. First, it shows that Jesus is truly both God and man. He is so strong that he even defeated death. Secondly, it fulfills the gift of salvation promised by God. Through His son, Jesus Christ, He saved us all from sin.

In moments of great suffering, we can feel deeply alone and lost. It helps us to remember the amazing sacrifice that Jesus made for us. Through His death and eventual resurrection we can truly claim to be loved and saved. Jesus gave his life for us and now it is up to us to live our lives according to his will.