Princess Kate has recently been discharged from The London Clinic after undergoing abdominal surgery. She is now on her way to recovery at Adelaide Cottage, where she will spend the coming months.

While the details of her hospital stay have been kept private, there is one crucial detail that everyone seems to have missed—whether her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, visited her during this time.

Royal expert Daniela Elser raises questions about the lack of information regarding the children’s visits and whether the royal family made the right decision.

Elser points out that initial reports suggested that Prince William visited Kate every day, and it was assumed that the children had also paid her a visit.

However, later sources contradicted this information. According to Hello Magazine’s royal editor, Emily Nash, Princess Kate used FaceTime to stay in touch with her children while she was in the hospital.

It’s worth noting that Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, the family nanny, played a significant role in supporting Prince William and the children during Kate’s absence.

Borrallo, who has been with the family since 2014, is known for her professionalism and dedication. Trained at Norland College in Bath, she ensures that the children’s needs are met according to the wishes of William and Kate.

Parenting expert Jo Frost emphasizes the importance of Borrallo’s role, highlighting that her nurturing ways provide stability for the children and allow William to be fully present as a father. As Kate returns home to Windsor, Maria’s continued support will likely be crucial during her recovery.

The decision to keep the children away during Kate’s hospital stay raises concerns. Elser questions whether this aligns with the royal family’s commitment to putting family first.

She suggests that allowing the children to visit their mother, especially during the weekend, could have provided them with comfort and reassurance.

The uncertainty surrounding the children’s absence leads Elser to ponder whether the family’s motto of “100 percent family first, day job second” was truly upheld.

As we send our well-wishes for Kate’s quick recovery, it is important to remember the bond she shares with her children. The decision to keep them away during such a challenging time undoubtedly raises questions. Let us all hope that Kate’s recovery continues to progress smoothly and that she is reunited with her children soon.

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